Cash for Smart Cars

Cash for Smart Cars
If you have a used Smart car that you are looking to sell, look no further. Since 1998, we have been the #1 used Smart car buyer in all of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley regions. Here at Cash For Cars BC, we buy any make or model of used vehicles regardless of their age. We also make the process of selling your used Smart vehicles quick, efficient, and all-round easy. We take care off all of the paperwork, we come to you, we make instant cash payments, and NOBODY pays more. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! You could even say it’s “Smart” business.

Why We Are #1 in Used Car Buying in Metro Vancouver

For nearly 20 years, we have been the Lower Mainland’s first choice for selling used cars. We at Cash For Cars BC are third-generation automotive industry experts, and not only do we strive every day to achieve customer service excellence, we work endlessly every day to surpass it. We offer free automobile advice to all of our customers, past and present, and we genuinely want to make sure that you, our customer, are getting the most money possible for your used Smart car. So, if you get an offer somewhere else, contact us before making any final decisions and we will usually price match or even do better!

Used Smart Car Buyer

We Buy All Used Smart Car Models Including:

  • EQ ForTwo
  • EQ ForFour
  • EQ ForTwo Cabriolet
  • Crossblade
  • Passion Coupe
  • Passion Cabriolet
  • Prime Coupe
  • Prime Cabriolet
  • Proxy Coupe
  • Proxy Cabriolet
  • BRABUS Coupe
  • BRABUS Cabriolet
  • BRABUS ForFour
  • BRABUS ForTwo
  • BRABUS Tailor Made
  • Smart ForMore
  • Smart Roadster

Even if your Smart car is from overseas, we’ll buy it. It doesn’t matter its origin because being experts in the industry as long as we have, we can find buyers who are looking for foreign models of Smart cars.

The Smart Car History

Many people aren’t aware, but the Smart car design originated back in the 1970’s when the design engineer for Mercedes-Benz was trying to create a city car for bustling metropolises like Vancouver and New York City. As always, his focus was utility combined with comfort, but it was quickly shut down because consumers were all about luxury and passenger space during the era. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when once again, the initial concept design was brought to the table after Mercedes- Benz teamed up with a Swiss watch maker named Swatch. While the production started in 1994 for the first pilot vehicle of this brand, the first microcar wasn’t released until 2008 after many critiques and modifications. The name “Smart” came from combing the names of its creators, and then shortening it; Swatch Mercedes Art.

We Even Buy Scrap Smart Vehicles

If you have a old Smart car that no longer runs, we want to buy that too. It’s okay if it doesn’t have keys, doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t have paperwork, or doesn’t drive, we still pay cash for it. Even though these Smart cars are typically newer vehicles, sometimes they’ve had accidents and succumbed to major damage, or maybe there are other issues with it like big electrical problems, or a blown head gasket. Whatever the case, whatever it’s condition, we’ll buy your scrap vehicle from you for top dollar too!