What documentation is required to sell my vehicle to you?
Original copy of your vehicle registration (NO PHOTOCOPIES) and picture ID

How long does the selling process usually take?
Approximately 20-30 minutes from start to finish

Do you really pay CASH?
Yes, unless the purchase price is a very large amount, in which case we pay by bank draft, certified cheque, wire transfer or cash at any TD Canada Trust location – your choice!

Can you buy my car TODAY?
Yes, provided we are not fully booked. Initial customer inquiry to completed transaction is often no more than a couple of hours.

I owe money on my vehicle, can you still buy it?
Yes, provided the value of the vehicle is more than the outstanding loan amount. In this instance we pay the lender, receive a Letter of Release from them and then pay you the difference between the loan amount and the price we have agreed to purchase your vehicle for.

Do you buy CARS only?
Absolutely not – we also buy trucks, RV’s, motorcycles – even boats!

Do you buy scrap vehicles?

Do you buy vehicles with body damage or in need of mechanical repairs?

Our car has a dead battery and a flat tire (etc.) Do we need to get it running 1st before you will look at it?
No, if we are potentially interested in buying it, we will take care of those details for you.

How much do Cash For Cars Pay?

The condition of your vehicle, market demand, mileage, options, and colour will determine the value, but rest assured NOBODY pays more than Cash For Cars BC for used vehicles.

Won’t I get more for my vehicle if I trade it in?
Not a chance! We buy the cars and trucks that people trade in to new car dealerships almost every day. Here’s what happens: You decide to buy a new car or truck from a dealership and trade in your vehicle. The dealer is asking $14,900 for theirs and you say you want $3,000 for your car – they agree to give you $3,000 but hold firm on their asking price of $14,900. The dealer then calls their contact at Cash For Cars BC and tells us that we can buy the vehicle that you just traded in for $2,000. So how is this possible? They gave you $3,000 ON PAPER ONLY, in reality they only gave you $1,000 and sold it to us for $2,000 making a profit of $1,000. Had you called us 1st, we would have gladly paid you $2,000 for your vehicle, putting an extra thousand in your pocket.

Does Cash For Cars BC really pay more for vehicles?
We sure do! WE ARE NOT A USED CAR LOT; our unique business model enables us to pay more than any other dealer in BC for your vehicle.

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