I contacted three businesses to sell my car and cash for cars was the only one that emailed me back. A very nice guy from cash for cars (Tom) met me at my work during my lunch break, looked over my car and made a very reasonable offer. The money was e- transferred into my account and everything including him taking the license plates off my car was done in about 40 minutes. Thomas even gave me a Cactus club gift card. I don’t usually write reviews so there you go

Debbie M, Port Coquitlam, BC

I called Martin at Cash4Cars BC to take a look at my 2004 Lexus IS300. It was in need a few minor mechanical repairs, Oxygen sensor… but good exterior, full options. I’m in West Vancouver and he offered $2000 more than what a dealer would give me on a trade. He came out next business day to look. I made the deal and was really happy with the entire process. Finished in about 15 minutes. Paid cash on the spot. Overall a friendly and very fair experience. I would recommend using their service for anyone looking for maximum money for their used vehicle!

Jason C, West Vancouver, BC

This had to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had selling a car. Not only did they come to my house, they bought my car right there and then for cash and I actually got more than I was expecting. Martin was very efficient and professional. If you’re looking to sell your car, Cash for cars BC should be your first and only call.

Karen B, Burnaby, BC

Sold my car to Cash For Cars – very honest and decent to deal with. I rec’d a great price and was paid in cash 15 minutes after they showed up, never having to deal with the nonsense that comes with selling a car privately… Highly recommend this company

Murray T, Surrey, BC

Want to know the most you can get for your vehicle? These are the guys!

Andrew C, Richmond, BC

I had moved into downtown Vancouver, so I decided I no longer needed a car so I called and within a couple of hours they arrived at my apartment, drove my BMW and made me an offer, it literally took 20 minutes and the price they gave me was very fair. I was relieved that there are still some car businesses on the straight and narrow. I have recommended this to a co-worker that needs to get rid of her car.

Gisela W, Vancouver, BC

I was dreading the prospect of selling our SUV as it was extremely dirty and didn’t start due to a battery problem. I Googled: cash for cars Vancouver and came across Cash for Cars BC. I rang them in the morning and by lunchtime they came to our home and paid us more than we were hoping to get for it from a dealership. This is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid the hassle and time commitment of selling through Craigslist.

Jakomi M, Vancouver, BC

If you want to sell your vehicles rather than goings back and fourth with the dealer with your trade in get in touch with these guys and ask for Martin– you’ll be treated nicely and get the best prices(from dealer).

Guy R, Delta, BC

Great Service & Friendly Staff. This was my first time selling my car and I had heard about cash for cars bc from a salesman at Jonker Nissan in Langley, so I called them and set up a time for them to look at my car. I had gone to two other used car dealers and had the typical experience you hear about when talking about car salesmen. Mark, the buyer from cash for cars took time to review the repair file on my car and offered me a price without making me feel pressured into a decision. I would recommend this to anyone male or female looking for great service and a good price when it comes time to sell your car.

Paul A, Langley, BC

Awesome communication and service – he texted to confirm the appointment the night before, texted again one hour before he got to our place and was on time to the minute.

Brad P, Surrey, BC

Cash for cars gave me more than what a couple car lots on East Hastings offered me and they came to my office during my lunch break. The paperwork and payment was done quickly and the car was off my hands. Very nice gentleman that bought my car and a good overall transaction.

Megan C, Vancouver, BC

Happy to recommend Cash For Cars BC; here’s my experience. I went to buy a new Infiniti and I offered my 2003 GMC Denali for the trade in. The salesman said to me that his boss was not taking any big SUV’s at the moment due to high gas prices and that if I wanted to buy the new Infiniti it would have to be without a trade in. I was not a happy customer. The salesman told me to call Cash For Cars BC and maybe they could help me. I said to myself that this is going to be a waste of my time and energy. Anyway I called Cash For Cars and I spoke with Mark. He gave me a price range and assured me that they were buying SUV’s and they still had an active market for these vehicles. So the next day (Saturday) Mark came to my house, told me how nice my truck was and that he could offer me the price we discussed on the phone. Needless to say I was thrilled. They test drove the truck, took off my plates and paid me all in less than 30 minutes. All I can say is that these guys are realistic and want to do business the right way. I like them and I would be very happy to recommend them.

Thanks Mark!

Grant S, North Vancouver, BC

I called, Martin made an excellent offer and they came and purchased and picked up my van all same day.

Jas S, Surrey, BC

Easiest way of selling a vehicle, I made an app’t for cash for cars to come out and my car was sold within 2 hrs. doesn’t get any easier than that

Mo F, West Vancouver, BC

I called cash for cars to sell our 2010 Audi prior to a move back to New Zealand and I am pleased to write that we are very happy with the service we received. Martin inspected the car approximately two weeks beforehand, we agreed on the selling price and he even let us continue using it right up until the day we departed, at which time we were paid what was originally agreed upon.

Many thanks
Emma C, Wellington, New Zealand

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