Cash for Used Dodge Ram Trucks

cash for used dodge ram trucks

Dodge Rams are one of the most popular trucks in all of North America. With such a high demand for these vehicles, it’s no wonder why we are able to pay the MOST cash for used Dodge Rams over any other used car buyer in Metro Vancouver. From work trucks, to camping trucks, to farm trucks, to everyday use trucks; these vehicles are coveted because of their customizable features and many standard stock creature comforts. This is why each and every Dodge Ram we buy is totally unique, and that’s a big reason we love buying them.

Types of Dodge Ram Trucks We Buy in Vancouver

It doesn’t matter if the Dodge Ram truck you are wanting to sell is new or old, we’ll buy it. We buy every make, model, and year of Dodge Ram trucks and just as we always do, NOBODY will pay you more for your truck than we will. Even if you’re going to visit our friends out at Maple Ridge Chrysler to trade up a model or two from your old Ram, you should still talk to us first. Often times we can pay more cash for Dodge trucks than the dealerships are willing to give you on trade-in, so you could say we aren’t just “Cash for Cars BC” but cash for trucks too.

  • Ram 1500
  • Ram 1500 DS Crew Cab
  • Ram 1500 Outdoorsman
  • Ram 1500 Rebel
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 2500 Bighorn
  • Ram 2500 Outdoorsman
  • Ram 3500
  • Ram 3500 Bighorn
  • Ram 3500 Laramie
  • Ram 3500 Outdoorsman
  • Ram Chassis Cab
  • Ram 3500 Chassis Cab
  • Ram 4500 Chassis Cab
  • Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

The History of the Dodge Ram Truck

Dodge first introduced its line of trucks in 1917, but it wasn’t with the Ram. The Dodge Ram never entered the market until 1981, when it very quickly could be seen anywhere from the farm fields to the soccer fields. It didn’t take long for it to earn a name for being a versatile and practical truck of all trades. This is one of the reasons that so many people want to buy a used Dodge truck, and as a professional car buyer, we are the experts in getting you the MOST money for your truck, and giving it a new home with someone else who will truly appreciate all that these trucks have to offer.

We Buy Scrap Dodge Ram Trucks Too

If you have an older Dodge Ram, or one that is ready for the scrap yard, instead of the road, we’ll buy that too. We will buy your truck even if it doesn’t drive, doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t have keys, and even if it doesn’t have an engine! Whatever is wrong with it, whatever shape it’s in, we’ll pay you cash for it as well. So call or text us today to find out what we’ll buy your scrap vehicle for.