Jaguar Cash for Cars

Jaguar cash for cars

Jaguar vehicles are one of the most sought-after vehicles in the world. With their exceptional handling, world-class luxury, and over all well-crafted design, Jaguar vehicles are always in high demand. That’s why if you have a used Jaguar car or SUV that you’re wanting to sell, you should talk to us to get paid the most cash for your car.

Our professional and friendly staff of used car buyers will come to you and offer the highest possible price for your Jaguar. If you accept our offer, we can usually complete the entire transaction in 30 minutes or less. We do all the paperwork, we pay you cash on the spot, and NOBODY pays more cash for cars than we do!

Selling a Used Jaguar in Metro Vancouver Made Simple!

We offer the fastest and easiest way to sell your used Jaguar for top dollar. We buy every make and model from $100 – $100,000+, so even if it’s in less than perfect condition, you’ll still get the most money for it. Plus, no matter where you are in the Lower Mainland, we come to you, which helps if you are selling a Jaguar that you no longer drive and have parked in your garage or driveway.

Contact one of our used car buyers today to find out what you could get paid for selling your Jaguar today. We offer the best customer service in the car buying industry, we come to you, and with Cash For Cars BC, you know you are getting paid the most money for selling your car, so you can have peace of mind knowing you chose the very best local used car buying service in your area.

Why We Are We the #1 Used Car Buyer in the Lower Mainland?

Since 1998, we’ve been the leader in the car buying business for all of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We take pride in what we do and we genuinely believe in putting the customer first. We may just be buying used cars, but we think people should always be treated like they are more than just a number, because they are.

You can’t do great business without great customers, so we feel that it’s important to be honest from start to finish with our clients. This is why at Cash For Cars BC, we explain what your vehicle is worth and why from the very start, so that you don’t have to waste your time haggling over the price and you can feel confident that you are getting the very best price for selling your Jaguar.

Vancouver’s Best Local Jaguar Buyer

we buy Jaguar vehicle trade-ins for more than dealerships

We are looking to buy all models of Jaguar vehicles of any year and in any condition. Even if it’s a little worn out, or if it’s been kept in tip-top shape, we will pay the most cash for it when you sell it to us.

Jaguar Vehicles We Want to Buy:

Jaguar Sedans, Sports Cars, Coupes, & Convertibles:

  • Jaguar 240
  • Jaguar 340
  • Jaguar 420
  • Jaguar 420 G
  • Jaguar SS 1
  • Jaguar SS 90
  • Jaguar SS 100
  • Jaguar Mark Series
  • Jaguar C – Type
  • Jaguar D – Type
  • Jaguar E – Type
  • Jaguar F – Type
  • Jaguar I – Type
  • Jaguar R – Type
  • Jaguar R – Coupe
  • Jaguar S – Type
  • Jaguar Sovereign
  • Jaguar V 12
  • Jaguar X – Type
  • Jaguar XJ (300 – 351)
  • Jaguar XJ (6-13)
  • Jaguar XJ 220
  • Jaguar XJ Electric
  • Jaguar XJS
  • Jaguar XK (100 – 150)

Jaguar SUVs & Crossovers:

  • Jaguar E – Pace
  • Jaguar F – Pace
  • Jaguar I – Pace

Get the Highest Trade- In Value for Your Jaguar Vehicle

We can usually beat the trade-in offer from any car dealership for your used vehicle. Dealerships have higher overheads than we do and profit margins that we don’t have. A dealership will always give you the lowest value possible for your trade-in, because they are

trying to protect their future profits when they re-sell your vehicle. Salesmen always have an agenda; selling you a new car. That’s something we don’t do; try to sell cars. We buy them!

Before you accept any offer for your Jaguar trade-in give us a call to see what we would be willing to pay. We can typically offer even more money on used Jaguars than our friends at Jaguar Vancouver (Jaguar Vancouver | Your Jaguar and Land Rover Dealership). Plus, we don’t try to upsell you into a new vehicle, and we don’t lowball our customers.

The experience will, at the very least, give you more bargaining power at the dealership if you don’t like what we have to offer. Cash For Cars BC has been in business since 1998 because we truly believe that if you do business with integrity, people will come back again and again.

We Buy Scrap Jaguar Vehicles Too!?

If you have an older model Jaguar that’s not in great condition, or is perhaps destined for the scrapyard, call us! We buy scrap Jaguar vehicles too, and you just might be surprised how much cash you could get paid for scrapping your Jaguar.

We offer free and instant quotes, free towing service for all our scrap car removals, the most cash paid even for scrap cars, and vehicle pick-up 7 days a week, days and evenings. Contact one of our friendly and helpful used car buying agents today to get your free estimate, or to book an appointment to sell your used Jaguar.