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When most of us think of the name Lexus, we instantly relate it to wealth, status, and of course, a comfortable ride. However, over the years Lexus has become so much more than that to consumers in not only British Columbia, but across Canada and around the world.

Lexus has established itself as one of the most reliable vehicles globally, as well as one that holds its resale value incredibly well. In fact, the only vehicles that compare in resale value are Honda, Toyota, Porsche, and Jeep. Lexus, however, is in a class all its own.

While many other car brands (including those listed above) offer style, comfort, and reliability, nothing does so the way that Lexus vehicles do. That’s why we love buying used Lexus cars, SUVs, and vans more than almost any other vehicle on the market today.

If you’re considering selling your Lexus vehicle, consider selling it to Cash For Cars BC. We handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

Why Is Lexus Such a Popular Car Brand?

In addition to having exceptional road feel and the latest technology, Lexus vehicles are highly regarded as being extremely reliable. Worldwide they are considered to be comprised of excellent craftsmanship, while sporting uncompromising design and performance.

Aside from the fact that Lexus vehicles have always emitted a distinct sign of status, they also happen to be vehicles that have considerably higher performance capabilities.


As a professional used car buyer in the car buying industry for more than 30 years, we know and understand what makes these vehicles so great. That’s why we always offer the MOST cash for used Lexus sedans, SUVs, and supercars in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

What Company Created Lexus?

Lexus Car Buyers

Lexus is a division of Toyota. Much in the same way that Acura is the elite line of cars produced by Honda, Lexus is the higher-end vehicle line created by Toyota.

This most definitely explains why Lexus vehicles run forever, offer one of the best resale values in the automotive world, and why they always come packed with the latest technology and innovation.

At Cash For Cars BC, we love buying Lexus vehicles, but we also love buying Toyotas as well. So whether you are selling a car that was made by Toyota, Lexus, or any other automaker, consider selling your car to Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More!

The Best Lexus Models

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While the brand Lexus is well-established as always producing great cars with awesome styling and amazing longevity, there are, like anything, some models that handle and perform better than others. Additionally, there are some models that have fewer problems than others, although none of the Lexus vehicles have a lengthy list of known issues.

With a name like Toyota backing a brand name like Lexus, it’s no wonder why there are so few bad reviews on these cars. Furthermore, there have been very few consumer reports of issues with any Lexus vehicles. The ones that were noted, were addressed promptly by the company, and when necessary, a recall notice issued.

Here are the top 5 Lexus models as rated by J.D. Power:

5. Lexus IS

The Lexus IS surprisingly has never had one single recall. They say that no news is good news, and that is definitely the case with this Lexus car.

Lexus car

The IS, particularly the 2022 model, has had nothing but rave reviews from J.D. Power, as well as a whole host of other car reviewers, magazines, and car blogs. It was given 92/100 for reliability but obtained 5/5 for customer reviews. Combine it’s incredibly reviews with a 241 horsepower, 3.5 L engine, and a starting price of around $50,000, and you’ve got a vehicle to remember.

4.Lexus ES

Cash for Used Lexus Cars

As far as family sedans go, the Lexus ES hardly feels like one at all. With its spacious yet sleek interior design, and a 2.5 L engine offering just over 200 horsepower, you definitely won’t feel like a soccer Mom (or Dad) in this luxury sedan.

The 2017 model received the highest reliability score of all the Lexus ES models at 96/100. And with a starting price of just $36,000, you get all of the great things that come with owning a Lexus, without the usual higher sticker price.

This is one of the reasons we are always looking to buy Lexus ES’s of any year. Even much older Lexus models that experienced problems with airbags like the 2007 model we are still happy to offer the MOST cash for.

If you own any year of the Lexus ES, call Cash For Cars BC today to find out how much cash we’ll pay you for your car. We handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

3.Lexus IS-F Marque Model

Another Lexus IS makes the top 5 best Lexus vehicles to own because the F Marque Model was a super-charged version of the very popular IS. Although it was similar in many ways (after all, it is the same vehicle), it had some very notable differences.

For starters, the F Marque Model comes equipped with a 5.0 litre, V8 engine that has an output of up to 422 horsepower.

Basically, it’s the Mustang of Lexus, even though it was originally designed to compete with similar vehicles produced by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Cars for cash

If you’ve been considering buying a new Lexus, this may be the one to make all your summer dreams come true. You’ll never get to your summer destination faster than with a Lexus IS F Marque. All you need is a little extra money because unlike the reasonably priced base model of the Lexus IS, the starting price on this baby is $66,000.

This is where selling your current vehicle to Cash For Cars BC could really help you. If you want the MOST cash to put towards the purchase of a new Lexus, sell your old car to Cash For Cars BC instead of trading it in. Because seriously, NOBODY Pays More!

2.Lexus LFA

Lexus Car LFA

From the side profile, the Lexus LFA almost resembles one of Nissan’s most popular vehicles, the Nissan Z. However, there is so much more that the Lexus LFA offers compared to any other vehicle, including the Nissan Z.

Known for being in the “Pursuit of Perfection”, as Lexus is, the Lexus LFA certainly comes close. This is the one and only supercar ever created by Lexus, and despite it not doing well at its initial launch, it has definitely acquired a following since.

Lexus produces primarily sedans, and they wanted to showcase their design and engineering skills in the supercar department to prove to consumers globally that they are more than just a car company that makes sedans. They definitely did that with the LFA. However, if you have ever dreamed of owning a Lexus supercar, then you’ll need to have an extra half a million dollars kicking around because the starting price on the LFA in Canada is $448,000.

No wonder the only time we see these is around Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver or traversing the winding roads of West Vancouver, huh? You’d have to be wealthy to afford the gas on this vehicle as well because with a V10 engine, and British Columbia gas prices, you’ll be at the pump more than you’d like.

1.Lexus LS 400

Ever heard the term, “that’s an oldie, but a goodie”? If so, that is exactly what the Lexus LS 400 is. After being released in 1989 as the first model produced under the name Lexus, many people were anxious to see what Toyota could do after producing a luxury sedan.

At the time, Toyota was only known for creating economy cars that were reliable and affordable. In an attempt to branch out beyond that image, they launched Lexus, and it was one of the best things the company ever did.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s, most vehicles came stock with manual windows, door locks, and of course, side mirrors. Back then, you couldn’t even adjust the steering wheel on a lot of cars, and the ones you could, it was minimal.

Old Lexus

So, when Lexus entered the market with a vehicle that had power windows, locks, mirrors, and even a steering wheel that was telescoping and had electronic tilt, the world was in awe. Even the seat belts in the front seat were power adjustable, and Lexus owners felt all the more fancy for having them.

Today, you rarely see an original Lexus LS 400 on the road. Not because they have all succumbed to their age, but because anyone who still owns one is holding onto it for dear life. Though many more models of the LS have been released over the year, the very first generation is the one that has historically had the best reliability and brought with it the biggest wow factor for its time.

What Lexus Vehicles Do We Buy in the Lower Mainland?

We have been the #1 Lexus buyer in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island since 1998. That’s because no one appreciates their value and reliability the way that Cash For Cars BC does. If you want to sell your used Lexus vehicle, or are considering trading it in, don’t! Sell it to Cash For Cars BC instead. NOBODY Pays More!

We Are Always Looking to Lexus Vehicles Such As:

Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles

  • Lexus IS (200-400)
  • Lexus ES (250-350)
  • Lexus LS (400-600)
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus CT
  • Lexus CT Sport
  • Lexus HS
  • Lexus SC (300,400,430)
  • Lexus LC (500)
  • Lexus LFA
  • Lexus GS

Crossovers & SUVs

  • Lexus LBX
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus NX Sport
  • Lexus RX
  • Lexus RZ
  • Lexus TX
  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus LX (450-600)

Vans & Minivans

  • Lexus LM

Hybrids & EVs

  • Lexus RZ 300e
  • Lexus RZ 450e
  • Lexus ES 300h
  • Lexus LC 500h
  • Lexus LS 500h
  • Lexus UX 300h
  • Lexus NX 350h
  • Lexus RX 350h
  • Lexus RX 500h
  • Lexus TX 500h

Cash for Cars BC Pays the MOST Cash for Used Lexus Vehicles

Lexus Convertible

We have always been a huge fan of Lexus vehicles because not only do they have an incredible longevity that many other vehicles do not, but they also have a great resale value. This means, that we can always offer top dollar for used Lexus vehicles.

In fact, we can typically offer more cash for cars than any Lexus dealership, which is why many people choose to sell their car to Cash For Cars BC instead of trading it in to the Lexus dealership. We have a huge demand for Lexus vehicles of any model, and in absolutely any condition.

For older Lexus models, it’s a better idea to sell your car to Cash For Cars BC because many of the dealerships ends up selling their trade-in vehicles to us anyways. Even they know that we truly pay the MOST cash for cars in the Lower Mainland!

What Determines the Price of My Vehicle?

Every vehicle that we buy, whether it is a Lexus or not, has a different and unique value because they all have a different maintenance history, or a different story, if you will. That’s why we feel it’s so important to see your vehicle in person before making an offer on it.

Give our car buying team a call today and provide them with the make, model, year, condition, number of kilometres on your vehicle, and its location. Then, we will determine whether or not we need to see it in person before we can make you an offer on it (this isn’t required for scrap car purchases).

Cash for cars

We’ll arrange a day and time to come see your vehicle firsthand. Once we do, we’ll make you an instant cash offer on it right then and there. If you accept our offer, we’ll take care of the paperwork, hand over your payment, then leave with your vehicle. It’s that simple!

We Offer the MOST Cash for Scrap Lexus Vehicles Too!

We didn’t get to be the #1 used car buying company in Metro Vancouver by only purchasing vehicles that are in great shape. Which is why we also offer the MOST cash for cars with mechanical issues, electrical problems, and even collision damage. If you have an older or scrap Lexus that you want to sell quickly and easily, sell it to Cash For Cars BC.

Unlike when we purchase vehicles that are in good to fair condition, scrap car purchases don’t require an in-person appraisal beforehand. This means that our team of dedicated car buyers can make you an instant cash offer on your scrap car right over the phone. We are happy to even send you an offer on your car via text message.

If you’ve been thinking about scrapping an old Lexus, or any other vehicle for that matter, trust the scrap car removal services at Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More cash for scrap cars than we do!

Sell Your Car to Cash For Cars BC Today!

From start to finish, the entire process usually takes less than 30 minutes. So, within half an hour you can have your car sold for the MOST cash. No other professional car buyer, used car dealership, or even private buyer can say the same!

Plus, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More! Do yourself a favour and discover a better way to sell your car with Cash For Cars BC.

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