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If you’re thinking about selling your car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle, there’s never been a better time than now. Cash For Cars BC is Connaught Height’s leading used car buyer, and we’ve been that way since 1998.

No other professional used vehicle buyer will offer you as much cash for cars as we do. Nor do they come to you! Many of them expect you to bring your car to them for an appraisal, then offer you much less than what it’s worth.

Cash For Cars BC is different. We always offer the MOST cash for cars in New Westminster. Plus, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

Why Choose Cash For Cars BC?

With so many different ways to sell a car these days, how can you be sure you’ve found the perfect fit for a car buyer? Simple; they offer everything that you need, they go the extra mile, and they pay the MOST cash for cars in Vancouver.

Why People Choose Our Car Buying Services:

  • Immediate cash payments (or payment method of your choice)
  • Operating throughout New Westminster
  • Huge demand for vehicles means HIGHEST prices paid now
  • Prompt, courteous, professional “on-the-spot-service”
  • We come to do business – No tire-kickers and timewasters to deal with here
  • We handle all the paperwork
  • We come to you
  • NOBODY Pays More!

Even if your vehicle is still within a lease or still under financing, we’ll buy it. Even if it’s barely drivable or has been written off entirely by ICBC, we’ll still consider it. At Cash For Cars BC, we buy ALL vehicles, ranging from $100 – $100,000 +, regardless of their age or condition.

Sell My Car New Westminster

There are so many different avenues to pursue when it comes to selling a car in New Westminster these days. However, much of the work you put into finding the perfect car buyer is wasted time, because unlike Cash For Cars BC, many car buyers aren’t entirely up front when they make an offer on your car.

New westminster truck buyers

Dealerships will make it sound like you’re getting a great deal on your car, when in reality you aren’t. They tell you that they have offered you more for your trade-in, but they recoup a chunk of it through financing costs, hidden fees, and even a slight price hike on the new vehicle you may be considering.

Online car buyers will present you with an offer online immediately, but if your vehicle isn’t in perfect shape when they arrive to pick it up, they start deducting from their offer. And other online car buyers will only give you a good deal on your car if you’re willing to buy a new one from them…

Cash For Cars BC is different. Our focus is on buying cars, not selling them. So, we simply offer you the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles, without the added sales pressure that you’ll experience elsewhere. This is why we our New Westminster’s TOP used car buyer and have been since 1998.

What Kind of Vehicles Do We Buy?

Anything and everything, quite literally. We are the Lower Mainland’s leading used car buyer because we offer a diversity of buying cars that is unmatched in the used vehicle buying industry. You don’t get to be #1 by only buying cars and trucks alone!

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Passenger cars
  • Sports cars
  • Exotic cars
  • Imports
  • Station wagons
  • Jeeps
  • 4×4’s
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Crossovers
  • Vans
  • Hybrids & EVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Powersport vehicles
  • Boats
  • RV’s and campers

Even if you’re selling a vehicle that isn’t on the list above, give us a call. Chances are, we’ll make you an offer on whatever it is you want to sell. NOBODY Pays More!

What Determines the Price of My Car?

Connaught Heights Car Buyers

Every vehicle that we buy has a completely different value, because every vehicle we buy is completely different. This is why it’s important that we get the details of your car over the phone, then book an in-person appointment to see your car firsthand.

Provide our car buyers with the make, model, year, condition, and number of kilometres that your vehicle has. Then, we’ll book an in-person appointment at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our professional car buying team is available 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM, and even work on most statutory holidays as well. Day or night, we come to you. And our car buyers are happy to come see your car at your home, school, work, or anywhere else that makes it easiest for you.

New West’s Quickest & Easiest Way to Sell a Car

We buy all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, vans, boats, and RV’s from every manufacturer make and model. We buy $100-$100,000+ used vehicles, from junk cars to supercars.

If you’re thinking of selling your car or trading it in for a new one, talk to us first. We offer more than any dealership or online car buying service, and we come to you! Not the other way around. That’s just part of how we go the extra mile for our customers.

We are even happy to look at vehicles that are in need of mechanical or cosmetic repairs. In most cases we can have the buying transaction completed within 30 minutes and you walk away with cash in hand.

used-car-buyer-Connaught Heights

We will also look at vehicles still under lease and vehicles still under financing.

Contact Our Used Car Buyers Today

If you’re serious about selling your car today, or even if you’re still on the fence, give us a call and talk to one of our experienced and dedicated used car buyers today.

We can explain what your vehicle is worth and why, so that you can make the best decision after having all the information right in front of you.

Find out for yourself why we’ve been #1 in the car buying industry in New Westminster, BC since 1998. You’ll be glad you did!