Discontinued Cars of 2023


As is always the case, at the end of another year of ups and downs in the automotive world, a new list of vehicles will be discontinued indefinitely in 2023. This year’s discontinued cars list for 2023 is much shorter than the one from last year. However, some of the vehicles that are leaving the market are disappointing to many consumers. Fortunately, the list is small.

Why Do Cars Get Discontinued?

One of the reasons a car may get discontinued is because their purpose is no longer appropriate for the times. A car’s practicality and style may be a big hit one year, then not realistic for consumers the next.

Another reason is because with an ever-changing market, many vehicles get reinvented. So, while they may be discontinued as they were, they come back with a drastic redesign later. Whatever the case may be, the following vehicles have reached the end of their life cycle.

What Cars Are Being Discontinued in 2023?

Given the recent inflation that has made buying a brand-new car much more difficult, this year’s list of discontinued cars of 2023 is much smaller than anticipated. Although that’s a good thing for many consumers, it’s not so great for others. Regardless, here is the list of discontinued cars in 2023 in Canada.

1.Dodge Challenger Hellcat


Despite a huge following of enthusiasts, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is set to be making its final appearance in 2023.

However, not all hope is lost. Dodge plans to release a new version of this vehicle in 2024, but it will be fully electric.

Keeping pace with the other top vehicle manufacturers, Dodge had no choice but to jump on the electric band wagon if it wanted to keep its sales of the Hellcat profitable. So, for now, the Hellcat you know and love is gone, but it will be back in a whole new way.

2.Toyota Avalon

After 25 years, the Toyota Avalon has finally succumbed to the SUV dominance on the market.

The sales of this flagship Toyota sedan in 2022 were depressing, to say the least. With consumers pushing for electric vehicles and relying on either economy cars or SUV’s, the Avalon no longer has a place in the market today.


Toyota has confirmed that they will still be producing this vehicle in China, however. So, if you’re an enthusiast who is determined to own one, you’ll just have to go to China to get one.

3.Honda Insight


Even though the Honda Insight is a hybrid vehicle, it’s one of the carmaker’s les popular ones. That’s ultimately what brought them to the decision to decommission it.

With many other more practical hybrids on the market, including their own Civic hybrid, the Insight has no place in their line-up.

With much more competitive hybrid SUV’s out there, the Honda Insight, although a bit of a trailblazer in the hybrid world, will be making an exit this coming year.

4.Buick Encore

Despite the company hitting consumers hard with Buick Encore advertisements, it was all for nothing. Although the Encore was jam packed with tons of technology and creature comforts, it just never became a fan favourite. It was intended to be a budget savvy SUV with all the fixin’s for young buyers, but couldn’t compete with today’s market.

Regardless of how much you push innovation on a name like Buick, they will forever be seen as something your grandparents’ drive. Trying to alter their demographic proved to be a lost cause after the 10 years it spent on the market. This is why this model of Buick has been discontinued.


5.Chevrolet Spark

Although this is hands down the most affordable vehicle on the market today, the Chevy Spark will be coming to its end this year. Despite the fact that during the most expensive time in history for gas and vehicle maintenance, this car is done in the automotive market.


People are moving towards larger vehicles that bring better gas mileage. Unfortunately, that means the Spark has lost its place in the driving world. Chevrolet, however, has stated that they will be going all electric. We can only assume that they will have a fitting replacement that combines affordability and comfort to replace the Spark.

6.Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent has always been one of the most affordable cars that Hyundai produces. However, the similarly affordable Elantra has outshined the Accent for several years running.

The car company inadvertently pushed its own vehicle off the market, which is why its found a place on the list of discontinued cars for 2023. Perhaps that was an unexpected downfall of creating such a practical and affordable vehicle.


Not all is lost though for Hyundai. Even though sales of the Accent are dismal, the sales of the Elantra more than make up for it. Which is why this car maker will be putting more focus into enhancing the Elantra after the Accent leaves the stage in 2023.

7.Ford EcoSport


The Ford EcoSport is without a doubt the most affordable and practical SUV that Ford offers. However, that wasn’t as appealing to consumers as they initially projected. With much more roomier and practical options on the market, the EcoSport lost its appeal to many consumers. After their sales drastically declined during the pandemic, it never recovered. Ford has decided to part ways with this SUV, to make way for an all-electric future.

8.Kia Stinger


The Kia Stinger has always been a beautiful car. However, despite its large fan base, the sales have been soft for a while. That’s what lead Kia to discontinue this sporty sedan.If you’ve been on the fence about buying one, you’ll want to make your decision soon. After 2023, this vehicle will no longer be in production. Kia has not yet said if they will be offering a redesign or fully electric version of this down the road.

9.Volkswagen Passat


Originally, this VW model was supposed to have been discontinued in 2022. However, they ran one more year of it with a limited-edition Passat only available. Ultimately though, they are finalizing the end for this fan favourite for 2023. There has been talk of it being reinvented in the future as a fully electric model, but nothing is set in stone yet. One thing that’s certain though is that VW fans are patiently awaiting the word on its reproduction.

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