The Best Trucks for Fuel Economy in Canada


In a post pandemic time where everything seems to be going up in price, it should come as no surprise that gas is right at the forefront of inflation. Whether you’re driving a gasoline powered vehicle, or a diesel, there’s virtually no way to save at the pump these days.

Although many consumers are making the switch to electric or hybrid cars and SUV’s, there’s not a lot of selection currently on the market in the way of electric trucks. That’s why, when you’re considering a truck purchase, be it for work use, off-roading, or everyday driving, you’ll want to choose wisely.

That’s where this blog can help. We’ve compiled this list of the best trucks for fuel economy in Canada. This will help our customers make a more practical decision when they decide to buy a new or used truck.

What is the Most Fuel Efficient Full-Sized Truck in Canada?

Some of us are avid truck lovers. We couldn’t be truly happy behind the wheel if we weren’t driving a full-sized truck. Once you own a full-sized truck, it’s hard to drive anything else. From helping friends move, to making furniture purchases and transporting them, to even hauling big loads of free firewood back to your home.

It seems there’s almost nothing your truck will do for you. And if you’re in need of serious towing capabilities for something like a 5-wheel, power sport vehicle trailer, or anything in between, there’s nothing that will serve your use better than a full-sized pick-up truck with great torque.

Best Full-Sized Fuel-Efficient Trucks

1.Dodge Ram


It’s no secret that the Dodge Ram has a huge following of new and seasoned truck drivers alike. There are so many options for trims, features, infotainment systems, sunroofs, quad cabs, etc, that every Dodge Ram is unique.

Although these trucks are often purchased for their appearance and affordability, they also come packed with excellent fuel economy. In fact, the Dodge Ram has the best fuel economy in its class.

2.Ford F-150


People who love their Ford trucks, REALLY love their trucks. And when it’s fuel efficient, coupled with excellent cabin design, amazing towing capabilities, and customizable creature comforts, it’s no wonder why the Ford F-150 is the most popular full-sized fuel economic truck on the market today.

Also, with 10.6L/100km (about 62.14 mi), it’s amazing fuel mileage as far as trucks go. The only truck surpassing its gas mileage is the Dodge Ram, but if you’re a Ford enthusiast, which statistics show that most truck buyers in Canada are, you’d have to have a better reason than a half litre difference in fuel economy to make the switch.

3.Chevrolet Silverado

One of the best-selling trucks in Canada, the Silverado, is in the top 3 for best fuel economy in a full-sized truck. That’s because this truck is not only a 4-cylinder secret powerhouse of towing capacity (able to tow 6700 lbs), but it’s also highly fuel efficient for what you get.

This full-sized truck gets 11.1L per 100kms, even when hauling a load behind it on the freeway. Having that kind of towing capacity with such a fuel-efficient engine is nothing short of a truck driver’s dream.

If you’re planning on towing any off-road vehicles behind your truck, or any kind of camper, you’ll want to invest in a Chevy Silverado.


It’ll make your weekend camping trips exponentially better and save you a pretty penny at the pump if anytime you’re planning a road trip.

4.GMC Sierra


Another excellent truck to consider that won’t drain your pocket with every fill up is the GMC Sierra. This little truck packs a punch, while not bleeding your wallet dry.

This is another great example of a full-sized truck with a 4-cylinder engine that can really get the job done.

Previously, the Sierra had a V6 engine that many regarded as necessary for towing. However, the new and improved 4-cylinder models actually provide 22% more torque than they previously did. The more fuel-efficient Sierra can be found in any 2019 models and up.

5.Jeep Gladiator

Of all the things Jeeps are known for, it has never been fuel efficiency. However, the Jeep Gladiator is changing that for this off-road vehicle producer.

The Gladiator still comes with a solid powerhouse Jeep engine, with a 3.6L – V6 to help traverse the harsh logging roads and unpredictable weather of BC.

Even though it’s a bit of a beast under the hood, the Gladiator gets a reasonable fuel mileage of 12.3L/100kms.


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Best Mid-Sized Fuel-Efficient Trucks in Canada

1.Chevrolet Colorado


Chevy takes the cake with the #1 spot for most fuel-efficient mid-sized truck in Canada this year. That’s because Chevy has made it one of their focal points to produce fuel-efficient vehicles, even trucks. With 10.8L/100km, it’s easy to see why it’s a smart choice if you’ve been considering buying a truck.

The GMC Canyon is also equally fuel efficient, so it’s another great contender for first spot. When it comes to getting the most mileage on your truck for the least amount of fuel costs, either of these two trucks are a practical and smart decision.

2.GMC Canyon

As stated previously, the Canyon has excellent fuel efficiency, as well as a 200-horsepower engine. Also, the Canyon handles impressively much more like a car than a truck. Which for first time truck buyers, this is a great way to transition from a smaller vehicle to a larger one.

Much like the Colorado, the Canyon gets 10.8L per 100 kms. It’s price tag is a little bit lower than the Colorado as well, which is another great reason to consider buying a truck.

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3.Ford Ranger


The Ranger has always been known for being a compact truck that still offers much of the functionality of a bigger truck. It also has a history of being better on gas than its big brother, the F-150. This is still very much true today. In fact, even more so now.

The newer Ford Rangers offer incredible gas mileage, at 10.9L/100 kms, coupled with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This makes navigating the British Columbia mountains and many off-road places that much easier, while saving you considerably on fuel costs.

4. Honda Ridgeline


Honda has a name for making great quality vehicles that hold their resale value for many years, and for producing fuel efficient cars. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same can be said for the Honda Ridgeline.

Car and Driver gave the Ridgeline a 5/5 rating overall, and with one of the most comfortable rides as far as trucks go, it’s not a shock as to why.

Also, the Ridgeline gets 11L per 100 kms. It doesn’t have the towing capabilities of the other mid-sized fuel economic trucks on the market, but the comfort it brings to the table makes up for what it lacks in torque. If you’re not planning on spending every other weekend towing a camper up the Coquihalla, the Ridgeline is a great starter truck that won’t break the bank whenever you gas up.

5.Toyota Tacoma


Much like Honda, Toyota has a name for making great cars with excellent fuel efficiency. Over the past few years, they’ve also begun making a name for producing great trucks too, with the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra.

While the Tundra didn’t make the list, the Tacoma slides into the fifth spot on our list. It gets 11.2L/100 kms, however, that’s only with the base engine. If you opt to have 4-wheel drive, you’ll see a noticeable hike in fuel consumption. Hence why it has only made 5th placed in our top 5 mid-sized fuel-efficient trucks in Canada. Although, if your focus is fuel savings, you can’t go wrong with the 4-cylinder base engine that is a ton of fun to drive.

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