Cash for Cars in Chartwell

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Are you considering selling your car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle in the Chartwell area of West Vancouver? Have you thought about using a car buying service, but aren’t sure what to expect from one? Would you like to sell your car for the MOST cash, quickly and easily? If so, Cash For Cars BC is your solution!

Since 1998, our professional car buying services have been rated #1 throughout the West Vancouver area, as well as all other areas of Metro Vancouver. That’s because we pride ourselves on paying the MOST cash for cars in the Lower Mainland.

Not only that, but we also handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

Sell My Car West Vancouver

If you have ever tried to sell a car privately, or even to a dealership, you probably already know how time-consuming and inconvenient it can be.

You spend so much of your time haggling, messaging, or sitting in the dealership chairs waiting to see if they will come up on their price. When really, all you want to do is sell your car for the MOST cash, without all the hassle. This is where Cash For Cars BC can help.

Since 1998, we’ve been buying cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles in West Vancouver, and we’ve managed to streamline the process so that you can sell your car quickly, easily, and for the MOST cash.

Cash for Cars West Vancouver, Chartwell

That’s because part of what makes our car buying services better is that we get the details of your vehicle over the phone before we come to see your car. Plus, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

What Makes Cash For Cars BC a Better Way to Sell Your Car?

With so many different and innovative ways to sell your car in West Vancouver, you might wonder why Chartwell residents choose the car buying services of Cash For Cars BC over any other. Well, there are a few reasons actually…

What We Offer:

  • Immediate cash payments
  • Prompt car buying services throughout West Vancouver & the North Shore
  • We come to do business – No tire-kickers and timewasters to deal with here
  • We handle all the paperwork
  • We come to you
  • NOBODY Pays More!

Regardless of what condition your vehicle is in, or whether or not it is still under financing or within a lease, Cash For Cars BC will make you an offer on it. From scrap cars to supercars, we buy them all!

What Make Our Car Buying Services Better?

For those of us who have tried selling a car privately, we know all too well that the amount of time and effort we put into it doesn’t always reap an equal reward.

Additionally, you waste countless hours texting and emailing prospects back and forth and use your evenings and weekends to show them your car.

However, none of this guarantees that you’ll have a sale. Nor does it guarantee that if you do, that you’ll get paid the MOST cash for your vehicle. But Cash For Cars BC does!

West Vancouver Used Car Buying Service

We are experienced and professional car buyers in West Vancouver, and we know where the true value lies within each vehicle we purchase. While dealerships often try to buy your car for the least amount of money, we offer you the MOST cash for cars.

Plus, our focus is on buying cars, not selling them, so you don’t have to deal with the added sales pressure that usually comes with trading in or selling your car to a dealership. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a new car just to get the best price for your old one either!

Sell Your Vehicle in West Vancouver

We are the top used car buyer in West Vancouver, and we didn’t get to own that spot by only purchasing perfect vehicles. Which is why we also offer the MOST cash for cars with mechanical issues, or electrical problems, or even collision damage.

Our dedicated team of used car buyers also buy vehicles that are still within a lease, still under financing, or are part of an estate sale. The diversity we offer our customers allows them to sell virtually any kind of vehicle, quickly, easily, and for the MOST cash.

We buy vehicles in West Vancouver ranging from $100-$100,000 +. From scrap cars to supercars, we really do buy them all, regardless of age or condition. It’s offering this flexibility in car buying that keeps our customers coming back again and again.

What Type of Vehicles Do We Buy in West Vancouver?

Aside from the fact that we pay the MOST cash for cars in West Vancouver, even if they are rough around the edges, we also buy a wide selection of used vehicles. From daily drivers to recreational vehicles to powersport vehicles like trikes and ATV’s. If you’re selling it, we’ll buy it!

  • Cars – Sedans, coupes, convertibles, scrap cars, supercars, station wagons, luxury sedans & sports cars
  • Trucks – Light duty, heavy duty, super duty, work trucks, 1-ton trucks, 4×4’s
  • SUV’s – Sport utility vehicles, crossovers, 4×4’s, AWD
  • Vans – Cargo vans, minivans, work vans, city vans, moving vans, campervans
  • Motorcycles – Sport bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, Harley-Davidsons
  • Power Sport Vehicles – ATV’s, quads, UTV’s, trikes, snowmobiles, boats, RV’s
  • Clean Energy Vehicles – Hybrids, EV cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles – RVs, campers, and campervans

If you are looking for the best way to sell your car quickly and easily and for the MOST cash, sell your car to Cash For Cars BC. We offer our car buying services 7 days a week, and we always come to you!

How Do Our Car Buying Services Work?


To sell your car quickly and easily, simply reach out to one of our team members here at Cash For Cars BC. We offer our car buying services 7 days a week from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM, and even operate on most statutory holidays.

Provide us with the make, model, year, condition, and number of kilometres on the vehicle that you are selling. Then, we will let you know if we need to see it in person before making you an offer on it. Most scrap vehicles do not require an in-person appraisal to get an instant cash offer on it.

If necessary, we will arrange to see your car in person. This can be done around your schedule, and we can often make same day appointments. Once our car buyer sees your vehicle firsthand, we will make you an instant cash offer right on the spot.

If you accept our offer, we’ll handle the paperwork, hand you over your payment (or send an e-transfer if you prefer), then leave with your vehicle. From start to finish, we can usually complete the process in under 30 minutes.

Sell Your Car in West Vancouver Today!

If you’re done wasting your weekends at a dealership or have tried an online car buyer and didn’t like the offer. Or even if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your car privately, choose Cash For Cars BC.

We make the process of selling a vehicle quick, easy, and completely painless. No back-and-forth messages, no people cancelling their viewing at the last minute. Just a quick sale of your vehicle for the MOST cash.

Plus, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!