What Are the Most Reliable Vehicles in Canada?

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In a world of non-stop inflation, it’s not uncommon for consumers to want to know if they are buying smart when making any sort of big purchase. When buying a new or used vehicle, it’s no different.

Not only do you have to deal with the purchase price, you also may have the Luxury Car tax to contend with. Plus, any maintenance and repair costs over the time you own the vehicle. This poses the question for many Canadians who are considering buying a new car, which is “what are the most reliable vehicles in Canada?”

Here in this blogpost, we’ll explore which vehicles have the best track record for durability, low maintenance costs, and even fuel economy. That way, you can make a properly informed decision before selling your current car and buying a new one.

Most Reliable Cars in Canada 2023


With so many options for vehicles, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first start shopping around for a new car.

Some have excellent gas mileage, but poor reliability. Some are electric, and need few maintenance repairs, but require constant charging, which isn’t convenient for everyone.

10. The Kia Carnival

When you think of reliable and affordable vehicles in Canada, you probably don’t expect a minivan to be on the list. However, the Kia Carnival is. Why? Because it’s backed by an incredible warranty, much like many other Kia vehicles. It also has a J.D. Power reliability score of 75/100, which is a pretty reasonable place to be as far as reliability ranking is concerned.

For a minivan, the Carnival is a beefier family vehicle with a great towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. This makes it great for towing tent trailers, utility trailers, or even small boats. This practical and versatile minivan needs little maintenance, and most reported repairs and major issues have been covered under recalls or warranties.

With a starting price of just $38,000 for the base model, it’s a great investment for a functional and reliable family automobile.

9. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai vehicles once had a name for being poorly constructed and unreliable, to say the least. However, the car makers upped their game and brought the newly redesigned Hyundai name back to life again. Backed by a warranty that’s comparable to Kia’s, the Elantra has been making waves in the automotive world for being a reliable, fuel-efficient, and affordable mid-sized sedan.

Aside from its 5-star safety rating, the Elantra also has fuel economy so good, it compares to the Hyundai Kona, which is a hybrid vehicle. The safety features go above and beyond most standard features on family sedans which include lane departure warning systems, automatic braking systems, adaptive cruise control, and an excellent back up camera with impact warning systems.

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If you’re considering selling your current vehicle to get into a new 2023 Hyundai Elantra, now is a great time with a starting price of just $20,499 for the base model. Plus, you can sell your current vehicle to Cash For Cars BC and have a solid down payment to make your monthly payments and interest virtually nothing.

8. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

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While the Toyota Corolla Hybrid makes the top 10 list, we’d like to mention that virtually any and all Toyota vehicles are historically well-made reliable vehicles. If you want a vehicle that has a great shelf life and a high resale value, the Toyota brand of vehicles is the one for you.

The new 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid brings with it many of the things Toyota vehicles have always been known for. Great fuel economy (despite the fact it’s a hybrid), dependability, low maintenance requirements, and an impeccable safety rating.

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, the Corolla is definitely one to consider. It comes in a variety of styles including a hatchback, sedan, hybrid, and non-hybrid, and has a very reasonable starting price of $33,000 for an incredibly reliable car that holds onto its value longer than most vehicles.

7. Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru brand of vehicles has always had a name for being safe, and the Crosstrek is no different. If you want a safe, reliable vehicle to traverse both city traffic and mountain tops in, this is the SUV for you.

J.D. Power gave this SUV a safety rating of 80/100, which is an excellent ranking for single people and families alike. Plus, the Crosstrek comes with Eyesight assistance technology, which makes it easier to see where you’re going when driving in reverse or parking.

As in true Subaru fashion, the excellently engineered engine and vehicle design make trips to the mechanic a very rare occurrence. The starting price on this functional SUV is $24,995, which is almost unheard of for an SUV of this caliper.

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The safety rating alone isn’t the only reason that we love purchasing used Subaru vehicles so much here at Cash For Cars BC. They also have great gas mileage, come standard with AWD, and hold their resale vale extremely well. If you’ve been thinking about selling your Subaru, sell it to Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More!

6. Mazda Miata MX-5

Mazda made an entrance onto the list of most reliable vehicles in Canada with the iconic Mazda Miata MX-5 this year. The 2023 Miata is backed by a solid vehicle design and a new and improved safety system.

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The handling and performance are second to none, and the reliability of this year’s MX-5 has greatly improved.

The last thing you want to deal with is a faulty soft-top or a failing transmission while you’re roaring down the freeway on a sunny day.

The Mazda Miata MX-5 has a strong chassis, great safety features including more airbags, and a starting price of $36,400. Making this one sports car that’s worth the price. It’s no wonder why we love buying these vehicles!

New, old, and anything in between; if you’re looking to sell a Mazda Miata of any year, we’ll buy it and offer you the MOST cash for it. We are Metro Vancouver’s #1 Mazda buyer and NOBODY Pays More!

5. Honda Accord

Much like it’s rival Toyota, Honda brings a vehicle to the top 10 list of most reliable vehicles in Canada this year. Without a doubt, Honda has a name that’s known for making some of the most reliable cars in the world, not just North America.

Much like Toyota, they have a strong resale value that makes them one of the best investments you can make when it comes to buying a vehicle.

They have also got one of the best safety ratings that money can buy, and a fuel economy that is rarely surpassed (except by hybrid and fully electric vehicles). If you’re considering a new vehicle purchase, consider the 2023 Honda accord. These babies start at just $39,000 for one of the safest, most reliable, and least depreciating vehicles you’ll ever own.

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Honda is one of the best-selling vehicles of all time in Canada, and with such a great resale value, coupled with its durability and innovation, it’s easy to see why. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new Honda, or selling your old one, talk to our professional used car buyers here at Cash For Cars BC.

No other used car buyers in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, or Vancouver Island can offer as much cash for cars as we can. Plus, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

4. BMW 3-Series Sedan

BMW’s have always been known as a premium luxury vehicle that is costly to repair. Although that is true, the new BMW 3-series sedan needs little maintenance and little repairs.

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After listening to consumers, BMW made some simple yet impactful changes to their newest model, upping the ante when it comes to reliability. This vehicle is sleek, stylish, and sporty, yet also practical, functional, and reliable. It’s all the things you want in a premium sedan and has fewer breakdowns than its predecessors.

The new BMW 3-series sedan has a better suspension system for improved road grip, but not the steering we’ve come to know from BMW. You trade a more sensitive steering system for better road hug, but all in all, it’s still a great car. Which is why it’s made it in the top 10 list of most reliable cars in Canada in 2023.

If you’re in the market for a BMW or are looking to trade up from your current one, the sticker price sits at $55,000 for the base model. That’s why more BMW owners sell their car to Cash For Cars BC before visiting the local BMW dealership. NOBODY Pays More!

3. Nissan Altima

Nissan makes the cut this year with the new and improved 2023 Nissan Altima. Unlike many of its competitors, the Altima has a complete all-wheel drive system. Thus, making it more capable at handling anything on the road that nature (or traffic) throws at it.

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Not only does it have improved and responsive handling, but it also received the Top Safety Pick Award from numerous agencies across North America (not just Canada). With less strain on the vehicle due to the 4-wheel drive nature of it, the repair bills are substantially less. Less strain on a vehicle means less maintenance and less repairs, making this a great option for a reliable family car or first time buy.

The Nissan Altima is fierce competition for many of its competitors, not just because of its overall reliability and safety ratings, but because you get so much bang for your buck with a starting price of only $32,000.

2. Toyota Prius Prime

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Unsurprisingly, another Toyota makes the top 10 list of most reliable cars in Canada and holds its own in the number two spot. Partly because Toyota makes great cars, partly because it’s a hybrid, and partly because it is a dependable vehicle with a relative sticker price.

If you’ve been considering making the switch to a reliable and fuel-efficient hybrid, the Prius Prime is a great place to start. Plus, you can sell your current vehicle to Cash For Cars BC for the MOST cash.

Combine that with the incentives offered through the Provincial and Federal government for first-time hybrid buyers, and you’ve got an affordable car with a great dependability rating. Starting price is just $41,400.

1.Honda Civic

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It should come as no surprise that the Honda Civic sits in the number one spot for being the best and most reliable car of 2023. On virtually any car list that pertains to fuel-economy, reliability, dependability, durability, and practicality, the Honda Civic is notoriously the front runner.

With a name like Honda, you can guarantee that the vehicle you’re buying will have amazing resale value, some of the best on the market today. Although the price tag is one of the highest in its class, it’s relative to what you get, making it a great buy. The 2023 Honda Civic starts at $28,500 for the non-hybrid base models.

Another Honda not only makes the list, but it takes the #1 spot as Canada’s best-selling vehicle for 2023. This is because Honda’s notoriously last forever, they retain their value over time very well, and they are extremely user friendly from drivers of any age.

If you are looking to sell your Honda vehicle, or trade up into a newer model, don’t waste your time at the local dealerships, because Cash For Cars BC can always offer you more cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles than any of our competitors. NOBODY Pays More!

What Are the Best Vehicles in Canada?

Some of the best cars in Canada, aren’t even cars at all. Nowadays, with excellent engineering and diligent design, many trucks are known to be fuel-efficient, reliable, and all-round practical as far as an investment goes. Which is why the best cars in Canada list is a mix of different vehicles we wouldn’t normally see on the list.

They Are:

  • Ford F-Series
  • RAM Pickup
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Civic

These vehicles aren’t necessarily the most reliable, but the most well-rounded. If you’re looking for a great vehicle to buy, or own one of the ones on the list above, talk to Cash For Cars BC today. We pay the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

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