Volvo Vehicles Going All Electric By 2030

Volvo Vehicles Going All Electric By 2030

It’s no secret that Volvo is set to release their newest member of the electric family in 2023, the XC90. Filled with all the creature comforts that Volvo is known for, this model will also be accompanied by a completely new safety system that only Volvo vehicles will currently have. Volvo has made it known that they plan to have the entire Volvo line go fully electric as of 2030, and with that they want to have the most state of the art safety system along with it.

“Volvo Cars is and always has been a leader in safety. It will now define the next level of car safety. By having this hardware as standard, we can continuously improve safety features over the air and introduce advanced autonomous drive systems, reinforcing our leadership in safety,” said Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Cars CEO.

Volvo has always been known for being one of the safest vehicles to drive, so it’s no surprise that they are continuing that legacy by including a safety system that can be fully updated over the air and on a regular basis. This means all the vehicle’s safety features will always been the most current, instead of just when you trade in your vehicle for a newer one that has the most update to date safety system in it.

We Pay the Most Cash for Used Volvo Cars in Vancouver

Almost 65% of Canadians say it’s becoming more and more important to contribute to a greener future with their vehicle. Shifts in their work routines due to the recent pandemic, plus rising gas prices and new or changing family priorities have transformed many people’s views on their choice of transportation. With half of Canadians now expecting to buy a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle as their next vehicle purchase, there really isn’t a better time to sell your used car, truck, SUV, or van in Metro Vancouver.

When you’re thinking of trading in your Volvo to upgrade to a newer model, think of talking to one of our used car buyers at Cash For Cars BC first. Like Volvo, we are the leaders in our industry, and NOBODY pays more cash for cars than we do. Not even our friends at Volvo of Vancouver can match our prices when they buy vehicles on trade in from their customers. So, before you visit a dealership, talk to us, the used car buying experts in Metro Vancouver.

Volvo Goes Green to Help Reduce Gas Emissions Worldwide

Volvo may be planning on switching its entire line-up to all electric vehicles by 2030, but so far, they only have one actually all-electric vehicle out on the market. However, being a European based company, they are feeling the pressure like many other car companies overseas to drastically reduce gas emissions to help fight climate change. In fact, other car companies all over Europe are even feeling the heat because with the new aggressive targets to reduce emissions set out by the government, many of these manufacturers may face potential fines if they don’t comply. This is a big part of the reason why Europe is advancing so much quicker than North America with the electric vehicle movement.

Volvo electric vehicles reduce emissions worldwide

Much like the car companies, we do our part to help keep BC beautiful. When we buy older vehicles, or even just plain old scrap vehicles, we always use local resources like the great people at Capital Salvage to make sure that as much as the vehicles we scrap stay out of the landfill as possible. So, even if you’re not selling a used vehicle that’s in good condition, you can contact our car buyers to find out how much cash we pay for scrap cars too! Nobody pays more cash for cars than Cash For Cars BC!

Selling a Used Volvo Car, Truck, SUV, or Van in Metro Vancouver?

While hybrids might be the way of the future, many people still prefer vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel for a variety of reasons. This makes it easy to sell a used vehicle right now, and even easier to get paid the most possible cash for it too. The chief technology officer for Volvo Cars said that there is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine. This may be true, but many people resist change, and for this reason, gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles will still be around for quite some time, even if their production slows down from the car manufacturers.

That’s why there is a high demand for used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans right now; whether gas, hybrid, or electric. Some consumers are struggling with the even rising gas prices and want to switch to a hybrid, while others are more concerned about the limited run-time that they’ll get on a hybrid and want to stick with a gasoline vehicle. It’s the diverse consumer demand for used vehicles that we are happy to assist with.

Vancouver’s Favourite Volvo Used Car Buyer

Since 1998, we’ve been the leading used car buyer for all of Metro Vancouver, as well as the Fraser Valley. This isn’t just because we pay the most cash for cars, it’s because we deliver exceptional customer service and go above and beyond in all aspects of the car buying industry. Even if you’re not selling a vehicle, we are here to offer free vehicle related advice anytime.

We work 7 days a week, days and evenings, to better accommodate our customers busy schedules. And because we are based in Metro Vancouver as well, most of our used car buying agents are often able to come and provide a vehicle appraisal the same day. If you’re thinking about selling a used Volvo, whether it’s a gasoline powered, hybrid, or fully electric model, think Cash For Cars BC! NOBODY pays more cash for cars than we do!

Contact Our Used Car Buyers Today

If you think you are ready to make an appointment to meet one of our used car buyers, or have any questions about selling your vehicle, call, send a text, or email us. We really do pay the most cash for cars in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, so you won’t find a better deal. Cash For Cars BC looks forward to connecting with you soon!

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