Canada’s Best Selling Automakers in 2023
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If you’ve been considering buying a new car this year, a good way to make a more informed decision about what vehicles are good, and which are not, is to look at the best-selling car brands of the previous year.

When a vehicle sells well, it is a fairly good indicator that it checks off many of the boxes that drivers are looking for. Generally, a well selling vehicle has reasonable fuel economy, decent passenger seating and cargo space, is well-priced, and offers functionality that’s relevant to the region it’s selling in.

What Were the Best-Selling Vehicle Makes of 2023 in Canada?

In Canada, many of us are looking for an SUV, hybrid, or 4×4 of some kind, due to harsh climates and many, many mountains across our country. However, in British Columbia, particularly the Lower Mainland, we are always looking for vehicles that are made to easily traverse Vancouver rush hour traffic, as well as climb up Grouse Mountain during ski season.

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With last year’s auto sales up by 12%, although still lower than it was before Covid-19 hit British Columbia, consumers have more choices than ever before. This is a great thing because Canadian consumers are always looking for something new, innovative, fuel-efficient, and of course, affordable.

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The Best-Selling Vehicle Makes in Canada in 2023

Here is a breakdown of the top selling automobile brands in Canada for last year, followed by the best-selling trucks in Canada.

5. Honda

It should come as no surprise that Honda makes the list as one of the best-selling vehicle makes in Canada in 2023.

With their exceptional resale value, higher than most durability, and their engineering dedication to offering some of the most high-tech and innovative vehicles on the market, consumers can expect Honda’s sales to remain on top, year after year.

The models that were at the top of Honda’s sales in 2023 were:

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  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Civic EV

A big reason why these Honda models did so well in Canada last year is because EV versions of the vehicles were released or redesigned, they offered great gas mileage, and are some of the most versatile and family functional automobiles that Honda makes to date. Sales were up 22% last year for this car maker as a result.

4. Hyundai

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Despite the fact that Honda has always been a very worthy adversary amongst automakers worldwide, Hyundai topped them for a second year in a row in their overall sales in Canada.

Why? Because Hyundai too has been pumping out some great EV versions of their vehicles, along with state-of-the-art infotainment systems, styling, and better-than-most fuel-economy. When you combine all of this with a price tag that is considerably less than most other vehicles on the market today, you have a winning recipe for an annual sales increase.

The models that were at the top of Hyundai’s sales in 2023 were:

  • Ioniq 5
  • Palisade
  • Tucson
  • Venue
  • Santa Fe

Hybrid and fully electric SUVs are leading the automotive scene right now in Canada, particularly in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland region. Sales were up by 3%.

SUVs are some of the most practical vehicles for navigating through our unpredictable weather, bustling city roads, and are perfect for both city driving and country/backroads driving.

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At one point in the last several years, Chevrolet was experiencing some of the worst sales figures in the history of the company. However, with the introduction of the Bolt, the new Camaro, and their newest line of Corvettes, Chevrolet has thankfully had a major boost in sales in their car line-up.

While their truck line-up has always been what has carried the company forward, this year’s sales figures show otherwise as both their cars and SUV sales are up remarkably. The Chevy Trax and Chevy Trailblazer combine produced a whopping 17,771 sales in 2023. Additionally, their cars produced 21,000 extra sales in 2023 versus the previous year. Overall, sales were up 18% last year for Chevrolet.

The models that were at the top of Chevrolet’s sales in 2023 were:

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  • Bolt
  • Camaro
  • Corvette
  • Trailblazer
  • Trax
  • Silverado

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2. Toyota

In 2023, Toyota saw its highest number of vehicles purchased since pre-Covid 19. In 2019, (just before the pandemic) Toyota sold 200,000 vehicles. Last year, they sold slightly under 200,000 vehicles. Pushing their sales increase up by 12%.

Toyota contributes their huge bump in sales to the newest line-up of EVs, combined with their fierce desire to move the company forward in a primarily electric way. Not to mention the major contributions of the newest Toyota Rav-4 which brought in about 40% of their overall sales last year with nearly 75,000 units sold in Canada.

The models that were at the top of Toyota’s sales in 2023 were:

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  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • Highlander
  • Rav-4
  • Tacoma
  • Tundra

Toyota vehicles have a great resale value, but are also known for their incredible durability, cheap and minimal maintenance requirements, and their innovative and unique styling both inside and outside of their vehicles. This is why Cash For Cars BC can always offer the MOST cash for Toyota vehicles in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

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1. Ford

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While Ford had one of the lowest increases percentage-wise in sales in 2023, their figures did still go up. However, when you are the top selling vehicle in Canada for 15 years running, it really doesn’t matter as much as it does for some of Ford’s competitors.

2023 marked Ford’s 15th year in a row as being the #1 vehicle sold in Canada. This is due in part to their newest EVs that were released earlier in the year, but also a big part of their sales come from the F-Series line of trucks, including the new Ford Lightning, their first and only electric truck.

The models that were at the top of Ford’s sales in 2023 were:


  • Bronco
  • Edge
  • Escape
  • Ford F-Series Trucks
  • Mustang Darkhorse
  • Mustang Mach-E

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The Best-Selling Truck Brands in Canada in 2023

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For anyone considering purchasing a new truck early this year, consider some of the following models. You can usually get last year’s models at a great price. Plus, when you sell your vehicle to Cash For Cars BC, you’ll have a larger downpayment to put on your new truck purchase than if you were to simply trade in your current car or truck to the dealership.

5. Toyota Tundra & Toyota Tacoma

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In 2023, Toyota dominated much of the EV market with a spectacular line-up of EV cars and SUVs. Although most of their sales for the year came from their cars and SUVs, 2 of their trucks topped the charts as well with unexpected sales of the third-generation Tundra, and the Toyota Tacoma.

It’s no secret that both of these trucks make it onto the top 5 lists year after year for best-selling trucks in Canada. However, this past year was a new launch of the completely redesigned third-gen Tundra, and the seasoned automaker wasn’t sure how well it would do. Thankfully, the Tundra exceeded their expectations.

The Tacoma, much like its big brother the Tundra, had its best year of sales in Toyota history. Combined the two trucks propelled Toyota’s sales in their truck division by a whopping 35%. It’s no wonder why we buy more Toyota trucks in our line of business than almost any other truck.

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4. Ram

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Formerly known as the Dodge Ram, Ram trucks have worked hard at earning their own name in the truck industry. Last year, Ram trucks sales were down by 1%, but they still remained as one of the best-selling trucks in Canada, in true Ram form.

The drop was a product of fierce truck competition across Canada last year, as well as the introduction of electric trucks that offer all the same creature comforts (and then some) of the traditional gas-powered trucks.

Although sales went down by 1%, that only works out to be a little under 500 fewer units sold. But don’t worry, because Ram has a redesigned and completely innovative new generation of Ram trucks coming out this year (2024). Keep an eye out for them!

3. Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevy Silverado has always been one of Canada’s best-selling trucks, and 2023 was no different. In fact, the only reason it couldn’t top the charts was because it was out-performed by another GM-made truck, and the unbeatable Ford F-Series.

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In 2023, the Silverado sold nearly 55,000 units, helping contribute to GM’s overall truck sales increase of 7% last year. This is due to the fact that while the Silverado is a full-sized truck, it drives much like a car with a long wheelbase, and is perfect for traversing both hectic city driving and rugged mountain roads in British Columbia.

We always offer the MOST cash for Chevy trucks because we are always able to find a buyer for these great vehicles. If you want to sell your Chevrolet truck today for the MOST cash, sell it to Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More!

2. GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is the sister truck to the Chevrolet Silverado. This is mainly because the two vehicles are so incredibly similar in a multitude of ways.


From a similar body style to parallel optional trims, the Sierra only just barely topped the Silverado with slightly over 59,000 units sold in 2023.

Despite the fact that both the Silverado and Sierra fed GM’s sales to increase by 7% in 2023, it still wasn’t enough to top the annual truck giant that is Ford.

1. Ford F-Series

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As expected, Ford tops the truck charts for 2023 with the historical F-Series line of trucks. This includes not only the Super-Duty truck, but also the newest release with the Ford Lightning, fully electric truck.

Thanks to the Super-Duty, the F-150, and the Ford Lightning, Ford is dominating the industry with a total of 38% sales across Canada in truck market. Aside from being the best-selling truck in Canada, it is forever working towards owning nearly half of the space in the truck manufacturing segment.

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