The Best Compact Cars of 2023 in Canada


In a time where gas prices are constantly on the rise, compact cars and hybrids are the way of the future. However, hybrids are definitely more costly, and when you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, charging it can be daunting and inconvenient. That’s why many people who are trying to reduce their fuel costs choose to downgrade from a full sedan, truck, or SUV to a compact car.

Much like any vehicle, not all compact cars are created equal. Just because they boast fuel economy, doesn’t mean they actually deliver it. Where and how you drive can greatly affect your gas consumption, even if you’re driving a small car.

How Do I Choose a Good Compact Car?

Before selecting any vehicle, you must first ask yourself, “what am I using the car for most?”. If your primary usage is for commuting to and from work, you’ll want something that has great fuel economy. If your commute is in and out of the city, and not much on the freeway, you’ll want to pay close attention to the gas mileage it offers on city driving, not highway.

You’ll also need to factor in the kind of cargo space needed, and seating capacity. Naturally, if you require more of either, fuel consumption will increase, so be specific. Also, you’ll need to consider the kind of terrain you’ll be driving on. Whether or not you’ll be using it strictly in the city, or to spend weekends up in the mountains. All of these variables can greatly impact how many kilometres you’ll get per litre.

Want the MOST Cash for Your Compact Car?

Between inflation on things like groceries, housing, and fuel prices, it’s become much more important for Canadians to find fuel-efficient vehicles. That’s why so many professional car buyers like Cash For Cars BC are looking for great compact cars and hybrids. With such a huge demand right now for these cars, we are always able to offer the MOST cash for cars in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and parts of Vancouver Island.

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What Are the Best Compact Cars in Canada?

We’ve composed a list of the best compact cars of 2023 in Canada, for those of you who are considering switching vehicles this year. You might be on the fence about buying small, however these cars are little, but mighty.

1.Honda Civic

As always, the Honda Civic takes the cake when it comes to a fuel-efficient, stylish, and practical compact car. Over the years, Honda never ceased to continue improving their most beloved sedan.

It’s no wonder why we love buying these cars so much! They hold their resale value exceptionally well, and with many stylish features, they are always in high demand.


From innovative interior redesign to hybrid options, to some of the most user friendly and functional infotainment systems in the market, Honda has earned their #1 spot time and time again. Honda civic parts also happen to be more affordable, which means when you’re in need of maintenance or repairs, the bill from your local mechanic, like our friends at Dan Hansen Auto Repair will be considering smaller than with larger vehicles.

2.Toyota Corolla


Yet another amazing family sedan that is practical, reliable, and great on gas. Not only that, but much like their fierce competitor Honda, Toyotas also hold their resale value very, very well. There are many Toyota’s still driving today with over 500,000kms on them.

With many different trim options, as well as optional hybrid or fully electric models, the Corolla is a tried-and-true fan favourite, and will continue to be for years to come. And with a price tag starting in the lower $20,000’s, it’s no wonder why so many people choose a Toyota Corolla when choosing a more fuel-efficient car.

If you’ve got an older Toyota Corolla, or any other model of vehicle, get in touch with Cash For Cars BC today. We’ll offer you the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, and even motorcycles in the Lower Mainland. Even if the car you’re selling is an older vehicle with high kilometres, we’ll make you an offer on it!

3.Mazda 3


Mazda has a name for making innovative vehicles with features like the SkyActiv Technology, the Wankel engine, and the Kodo Design Language.

However, in 2023, they are known for making it in the top 3 of best compact cars in Canada. And with being a pioneer of innovation in the car world, it’s easy to see why.

True to their old company slogan, “zoom, zoom”, the Mazda 3 is a 6-speed automatic with 250 HP. But don’t let its power deter you from buying one. You will still get excellent fuel economy with this baby, and a sleek and stylish ride right along with it.

4.Kia Forte


Fuel economy, functionality, and cabin space are all combined to create one of the most purchased vehicles of 2022. Although this car is little, it isn’t all that little once you step inside. For a compact car it’s incredibly roomy. Plus, with a name like Kia, you’re getting one of the best warranties in the auto market to date.

The only drawback to owning a car that’s so fuel efficient is the lack of guts that comes with it. With only 147 HP and a 4-cylinder engine, you don’t get much get-up-and-go with the Forte. However, if you’re only driving it in the city to work, and don’t plan on being the first one to the next red light in Downtown Vancouver, then this is the car for you.

With a starting price of just $20,000, it’s easy to see why it became a fan favourite, despite it’s lackluster pep. For those of you currently driving a Forte who are considering switching to something with a bit more horsepower, sell your car to us today. The process takes as little as 30 minutes, and nobody offers the MOST cash for cars except Cash For Cars BC!

5.Subaru Impreza

Everyone knows that a Subaru is not only safe, but also durable. These vehicles were made to be taken out into the bush or raced at high speeds along winding roads.

The Impreza may not be built to do specifically that, but it has become one of the best compact cars to own because it’s such a well-rounded vehicle.


They come standard with all-wheel drive, and an optional 5-speed standard or automatic transmission. The infotainment system is intuitive, and the interior cabin is great for packing in friends, family, or camping supplies.

It’s small stature and simplistic design make it an ideal starter car for first time drivers. No wonder so many Canadians are buying a Subaru for the teens in their family who are learning to drive.

6.Hyundai Elantra


Hyundai is another company who had a history of building shoddy cars, much like Kia. However, over the years, they’ve started producing a much higher quality vehicle, and have an outstanding warranty to help back it up.

Although the Elantra’s have still recently had their share of problems, they are still one of the best and most purchased compact cars of 2023 in Canada. And with the best gas mileage in its class at 6.4L/100km, it’s easy to see why. There’s a notable difference when you’re fueling up at the pump, and consumers are more than happy to make the switch to a Hyundai Elantra to feel that decrease with every fuel stop.

7.Nissan Sentra

While this may look like a larger sedan at first glance, the Nissan Sentra has fuel-economy that is considerably better than many other family sedans. And with its technically compact size, it’s made the 7th spot on the best compact cars of 2023 in Canada.

It also has several trim options, the SR trim is the sportiest version, and the one that is most popular.


It too doesn’t have a ton of power under the hood, with just a 149 HP engine, but it does the job. Commuter car, weekend driver, or anything in between.

8.Toyota Prius


Another Toyota makes the list of best compact cars of 2023 in Canada, and with good reason. Not only is it great on fuel, it’s also a hybrid. And with it being one of the most affordable hybrids on the market, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why Canadians love it.

There isn’t a ton of interior space to boast about, but the Prius makes a great commuter car for its ability to run on both gasoline and electricity. Even though it is a fair bit more expensive than the other compact cars of 2023, it’s worth the price hike because you’ll easily save this over the years in fuel costs. Particularly with the way gas prices continue to climb, year after year. It gets an astonishing 4.5L per 100 kms, which is incredible compared to any other car on the market.

We are Vancouver’s #1 used car buyer, and we are always on the hunt for hybrid vehicles. If you are looking to sell your car, truck, SUV, van, or motorcycle, sell it to Cash For Cars BC. We have a huge demand for hybrid vehicles in good condition, and we can always offer the MOST cash for cars because of it. Talk to our team of used car buyers today to get a free quote on your car.

9.Volkswagen Jetta


Everyone knows that VW’s are known for getting great gas mileage, and being able to go where most cars cannot (much like the Subaru). However, although it gets reasonably decent gas mileage, it slides in to the #9 spot with only 9.1L per 100 km. For such a tiny car, this isn’t exactly something to rave about.

The upside is that you get a versatile vehicle that can handle almost any conditions, in a sleek stylish looking vehicle. Plus, with a starting sticker price of $23,000, it’s a great deal on a good car

10.Nissan Versa

Anybody who watched the show Heroes remembers that signature line from Hiro Nakamura, “Nissan Versa”. Well, it may not really be famous anymore, but it did manage to squeeze its way into the top ten best compact cars of 2023 in Canada list.


That’s because it’s one of the most affordable compact cars available on the market currently. Plus, it gets excellent gas mileage at just 6.7L per 100 kms.

It also comes with ample cargo room, making it a great option for people who like to spend their weekends away camping or travelling.

If you’re thinking about buying a new compact car, consider the Nissan Versa. It’s a great buy at a great price.

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