Tesla Cars Catching Fire

Tesla cars catching fire

There are many common things that go wrong after buying a used vehicle; transmission failure, failing brakes, head gasket blown, etc. But what if something even more major than your transmission failing happened? Like say, your car spontaneously catching fire, with you in it. Well, that just happened to be the case for one BC man who nearly lost his life to his Tesla vehicle.

Tesla Catches Fire with BC Man Trapped Inside

While driving towards Mountain Highway in North Vancouver one day around 10:00am, BC resident Jamil Jutha experienced one of the scariest moments of his life. As he picked up speed in his 2021 Tesla Model Y, the vehicle suddenly shut off immediately and without any warning. If that wasn’t bad enough, a moment later the hybrid was suddenly engulfed in flames. As Jamil tried to open the door, the vehicles push button entry and exit control failed to allow him to open the vehicle’s doors. He also couldn’t roll down the window, and the vehicle continued to burn aggressively and quickly. He ended up having to kicked the side passengers window out so that he could climb to his safety. If you’re in the market for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, you may want to give a second thought to a Tesla, unless you plan to purchase the extended warranty and are strong enough to smash a window with your foot like Jutha.

Are Hybrids More Likely to Catch Fire Than Regular Cars?

Since the recent and ever-climbing reports of Tesla vehicles catching fire, many people are now wondering if owning a hybrid car puts you more at risk of a vehicle fire. Well, even though it may seem that hybrids are more likely to catch fire due to the influx of recent reports from consumers, the reality is that they are in fact, not as likely to catch fire at all. Any vehicle with a gasoline combustion engine is actually much more likely to catch fire than any other. You simply don’t hear about them in the news because they are just known as a common car overheating or having electrical issues. But when it’s an expensive hybrid that is supposed to be the way of the future that helps save the planet, it tends to make headlines. Particularly when it’s happening all over the world and more and more frequently.

It May Be a Good Time to Sell Your Tesla for Cash

With so many Tesla cars catching fire, many people are asking, “Why do they catch fire?”. Tesla’s only response has been that “they are looking into it”. Followed by “regular cars catch fire too”. Yes, yes, they do. But with so much future forward technology, coupled with a large sticker price, the last thing any consumer expects is a 2021 vehicle catching fire while it sits parked and turned off.

This is why it might be a good time to sell your Telsa car for cash to Cash For Cars BC. We buy all vehicles, even hybrids like the Tesla. Even ones that may randomly catch fire. And with no plans for a recall in sight from Tesla themselves, many people are turning to selling their car for cash and switching into a different kind of hybrid or electric vehicle. That’s why before you visit a dealership like our good friends at Jim Pattison Downtown Toyota, you should talk to us. We almost always pay more cash for cars than any dealership can offer you. Especially if you’re trying to trade-in or sell a Tesla during the current catching fire issues.

NOBODY Pays More Cash For Cars Than We Do!

Since 1998, Cash For Cars BC has been the best local used car buyer in Metro Vancouver. We take the guess work out of finding a reputable and reliable used car buying company because we have worked hard to establish a great reputation in the car buying industry. We are known all over Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for paying the most cash for cars around, and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service with every transaction. On top of that, we come to you! Which makes selling a used car, truck, SUV, or van that much easier. Plus, when you choose us to sell a car to, you know you are getting the most cash for your car because NOBODY pays more!

Contact us 24/7 to find out how much cash you could get when you sell your used vehicle to us. You might be surprised just how much your car is worth! One of our friendly and helpful used car buyers will be happy to assist you and answer all of your car buying questions.

We Buy Scrap Hybrid Vehicles for the Most CASH Too

Sometimes you have a newer hybrid vehicle, like the Tesla, but it has some issues or major damage (like a massive car fire?). Well, we buy those too! If it has body damage, interior damage, fire damage, engine issues, mechanical or electrical problems, or anything else that makes it scrap, we’ll pay you top dollar for it. Some vehicles have a lot more value than you might think; even scrap cars. If you’ve got a hybrid, or any other vehicle that is in poor condition or has high kilometers, we want to pay you cash for that too. Contact us today to get your scrap car removed with our free towing service, and put some money back in your pocket for today’s ever-rising gas prices.

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