The Top 10 Slowest Selling Cars on the Market in Canada


Without a doubt, selling a car isn’t an easy job on the best of days. You spend so much time creating ads, communicating with potential buyers, arranging viewings, and in the end you sell your car for much less than you were hoping.

Although this is truly the reality in the auto world these days when it comes to selling a car, some vehicles sell faster than others, while others are slow as molasses. But why do some vehicles sell slower than others?

Is it because they are a subpar vehicle to many others on the market today? Is it because the seller wants too much money for it? Is it because the car is known to have recalls or mechanical failures? These questions and more is what we will explore throughout this blogpost.

Which Cars are the Hardest to Sell in Canada?

The 10 slowest selling cars in Canada in 2023 may be a bit of a surprise to you. Although they are sitting on the lot longer than others, and used versions of them hardly sell for what they are worth, there are still solutions to the buying and selling of even the slowest selling vehicles.

When it comes to selling a car, as mentioned before, some sell quicker than others. However, if you happen to own one that doesn’t sell very fast, you’d be best to sell your car to Cash For Cars BC. We buy vehicles of every make or model, regardless of their condition or how quickly they sell.

What Are the Worst Selling Cars in Canada in 2023?

A slow selling car is something that every seller winds up with in their possession at one point or another in life. It’s rarely intentional, and always an inconvenience that makes you doubt your investment. Whether you’re selling a used car or new car, we’ve comprised this top 10 list for each new and used vehicles on the market today that sell slower than any others.

Slowest Selling Used Cars on the Market

10. Buick Enclave (64 days)


When Buick re-entered the automotive world, they tried desperately to appeal to a new and younger demographic. The majority of people associate the brand name Buick with their grandparents’ car.

Hence why Buick redesigned their vehicle line-up with all the latest technology, excellent passenger room and cargo space, and a fun design to a pretty average SUV. However, their attempts to bring in younger buyers were a bust, and the Buick Enclave continued to be purchased by mostly older buyers. It’s no wonder why the average time to sell an Enclave is a minimum of 64 days.

9. Chrysler 300 (65 days)

The Chrysler 300 was once a highly sought-after vehicle by consumers, both young and old. With its Bentley-like vehicle styling, everyone from first-time drivers, to moms, to businessmen, to celebrities were driving this vehicle.


With so many customizable features like tinted windows, wheels, and interior features, people everywhere were dying to own one at one point in time.

However, times have changed, as has the market for buyers of the Chrysler 300. Fewer people are on the hunt for this temporarily iconic car, but the good news is that Cash For Cars BC will buy it.

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8. Chevrolet Blazer (66 days)

Yet another great vehicle that once had a huge following of off-road enthusiasts, soccer moms, outdoorsy men, newly licensed young men, and even the occasional Grandma. But like anything in this world, things change, as do the times.

Along with it, people’s needs are changing, and carmakers are constantly inventing the next big thing.

That’s one of the reasons the Chevy Blazer is one of the slowest selling vehicles on the market today in Canada.

Despite its multi-functional purposes, consumers just aren’t looking for what the traditional Chevy Blazer offers.


Fortunately, if you happen to own one of these vehicles and are looking to sell, we at Cash For Cars BC are always looking to buy. And unlike when you try to sell your car privately, we’ll buy your vehicle the very same day, and can complete the process in as little as 30 minutes.

7. Land Rover Range Rover (68 days)

Land Rover has always had a name for making great quality and stylish premium vehicles. The Range Rover has always been something consumers look to as a sign of success. If you own a Range Rover, you are automatically seen as affluent by the general public.

Although this is still a very true statement to date, historically the sale of used Range Rovers has depleted greatly over the years. Though the vehicle is still the same well-made SUV, it is up against some pretty stiff competition.

Between today’s 4×4’s, crossovers, and EV SUV’s, the traditional Range Rover isn’t something at the forefront of people’s minds when they are shopping for a used vehicle.

6. Tesla Model X (71 days)


In a time when everyone is going green, or at least making a valiant effort to reduce carbon emissions, the Tesla Model X makes the top 10 list of slowest selling cars in Canada. But how could a Tesla make it to the list when so many people aspire to own one of these cars?

Simple; there are many other more affordable options for starters. Secondly, Tesla doesn’t buy their own used vehicles, so trading in your Tesla is tricky. Many people have to sell it privately or take a big hit to their trade-in value by selling it to another dealership. With so many other Tesla Model X’s on the market, finding a buyer may be harder than you anticipate.

Fortunately, Cash For Cars BC is the Lower Mainland’s #1 used Tesla buyer. Nobody buys more Tesla vehicles for cash than we do, and we always offer the MOST cash for cars.

5. Cadillac XT4 (72 days)

As we get closer to the number one spot, you’ll notice that the number of days it takes to sell a car on this list increases. This is no different with the Cadillac XT4. While you might think it’s odd to see a Cadillac on the list of slowest selling cars in Canada in 2023, there’s a valid reason.

The Cadillac XT4 has a lengthy list of consumer reports and complaints of various mechanical problems. From erratic or delayed shifting to transmission failures and sudden power loss, the Cadillac XT4 has a high turnover rate.

Many people who buy one, shortly after, decide to sell, trade-in or trade-up, or simply deal with the ever-mounting recall list. This is why this particular model of Cadillac has a harder time being sold than any other vehicles in the Cadillac line-up.

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport (74 days)

Another Land Rover makes it to the top 10 list of slowest selling cars in Canada in 2023, but this time it’s the Discovery Sport that’s taken a place.

Once a highly coveted SUV by many consumers, the Discovery Sport can’t quite keep up with the compiling competition of premium SUV’s on the market today. Not only that, much like the previously mentioned Cadillac XT4, the Discovery Sport suffers from slow or unresponsive acceleration, spiky shifting, and transmission issues as well.

This makes it a tough sell for anyone wanting to buy a used premium SUV. If you’re in the market for a newer (or new-to-you) premium SUV, you won’t want to shell out a lot of dough on something that may or may not be a reliable vehicle.

3. Ford Mustang Mach-E (76 days)


We’ve all heard the acronyms for Ford… Fix or Repair Daily… Found on Road Dead… The list keeps going. Although Ford has never had a name for making reliable vehicles, they do have a name for innovation. Such is the case with the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

When it first appeared on the market, many Mustang enthusiasts were excited to see and hear about all that it had to offer, many firsthand. However, true to the Ford expectations of consumers, the Mach E received an incredibly low reliability rating. This is a large part of why it spends so much time on the market before it actually gets sold.

If you are trying to sell a Mach E, sell it to Cash For Cars BC instead. We can buy your car the same day, instead of you having to wait literally 2.5 months for someone to buy it for less than you’re hoping.

2. Buick Envision (82 days)

Another Buick makes the cut to the top 10 slowest selling vehicles in Canada. Again, as mentioned earlier, Buick worked tirelessly to try and rebrand itself with a hipper vibe to appeal to the younger generation.

All their attempts were futile as their price point wasn’t focused on their demographic as much as their advertising campaign was. While the Envision is a comfortable, fuel-efficient, and generally well-designed compact SUV, it doesn’t offer the power or reliability that some of it’s more refined competitors do.

Plus, with it priced between a premium SUV and a mid-grade SUV, it’s not worth the price for what you get. This is what makes the Envision such a hard sell and is why it takes a minimum of 82 days to sell this car.

1. Tesla Model S (88 days)


Another Tesla tops off our top 10 list of slowest selling cars in Canada. The Tesla Model S typically takes a whopping 88 days to sell privately. Why? Because again, there is so much competition on the market today with other more affordable hybrids and fully electric cars and SUVs.

Not only are there many more options out there, but Tesla’s competitors also haven’t had the poor publicity of their vehicles spontaneously combusting as many have in BC. No wonder there are two Tesla models on the list of slowest selling cars in Canada this year…

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It’s really just that simple when you sell your car to Cash For Cars BC.

Slowest Selling New Cars on the Market in Canada


We’ve just covered the top 10 slowest selling used cars in Canada of 2023, so not onto the top 10 list for slowest selling NEW cars. If you thought the length of time it took for any of the used cars in the list to sell was outrageous, just wait until you see the numbers for these new cars.

10. Infiniti QX80 (87 days)

When you compare the rate at which the Infiniti QX80 sells to the slowest selling car on our “used” list, it’s shocking. Especially when the slowest selling used car took 88 days on average to sell.


However, the Infinity QX80 is actually the fastest selling car on the slowest selling new car list in Canada for 2023. This might be in part because Infinity has always historically had a large fan base in general.

It could also be due to its great reliability rating and that it ranked #1 out of a luxury full-sized SUV list in 2022.

So, why with all the great feedback from a great SUV did it make it to the top 10 slowest selling new cars in Canada? Easy; fuel economy first and foremost. While it’s a roomy vehicle with many sought-after creature comforts, the QX80 has very poor fuel efficiency.

It also has a higher-than-average cost to maintain, and limited cargo space. When consumers are wanting great gas mileage with plenty of seating and cargo space, the QX80 isn’t what comes to mind for most people.

9. Nissan Murano (88 days)

While Nissan does make a great SUV with the Nissan Murano, the price point that comes with it doesn’t stack up against many other fierce competitors offering a more well-rounded SUV.

The Nissan Murano brings everything we know and love about Nissan’s to the table with its stylish and comfortable interior, powerful V6 engine, and innovative technology. However, where it misses the mark is with its noisy transmission, lackluster handling capabilities, and minimal cargo space.

As far as SUV’s go, this one is more suited for a family of two, not four or more. That’s why dealerships like our friends at Southside Nissan are having such a difficult time moving them off their lots.

8. Ford Edge (94 days)


Considering that there was a Ford vehicle on the slowest selling used car list of 2023, it’s no surprise that there is one on the slowest selling new vehicles list too.

Again, this is monumentally due to the name that Ford has made for itself for producing vehicles that are unreliable and quite expensive to fix. Not only are they pricier to repair, but many of the parts also need to be acquired specifically from the Ford dealership, which jacks up the price even more. If you’re considering buying a Ford Edge, you may want to consider something more practical.

Although, one of the benefits to buying a car that doesn’t sell well is you could haggle the salesmen for a better deal. But ultimately, this will affect what you can recoup when you decide to sell your car later.

7. Nissan Leaf (95 days)

When so many people are working towards a greener tomorrow by driving hybrids and fully electric vehicles, why is it that the Nissan Leaf takes over 3 months to sell off the lot?

Well, a big deterrent for buyers is the lack of range that this little compact SUV has. With so many other great hybrid and EV SUV’s on the market, one thing most consumers don’t want to do is substitute range for cargo space, seating capacity, or style.

Another drawback is that the Nissan Leaf has a slower than average charging rate. So, not only do you have a much more limited range, but it also takes longer just to get a charge to drive that range. Buying a Nissan Leaf is an easy and affordable way to get into an electric vehicle but is limiting for those who don’t live directly in the city.

6. Lincoln Aviator (105 days)

For those of you who love the Lincoln Navigator, but don’t love the gas consumption or oversized feel that comes with it, the Lincoln Aviator could be for you.

Unfortunately, though better on gas than the Navigator, the Aviator is still considerably thirstier than many other SUV’s in its class. This makes it tougher to sell for those who are conscientious about the environment, as well as their monthly fuel expenses.

The seating capacity still seats 7, and in a much more functional and manageable size compared to a Navigator. The biggest reason the Lincoln Aviator isn’t selling as quickly as other SUVs on the market is because compact SUV’s are all the rage right now, and not just because of fuel economy.

Have you ever tried to park a truck or large SUV in rush hour on Robson in Downtown Vancouver? Stressful, to say the least. That’s why more Vancouverites prefer compact SUVs with great gas mileage and better visibility than the Aviator.

5. Mazda MX-5 Miata (107 days)

The Mazda Miata was, and still is in a lot of ways, an iconic car for many consumers. During the 90’s, the Miata was the car of the summer for many people. Driving with the top down along Marine Drive in White Rock with the sun beating down on you never felt so freeing


Unfortunately, the newest version of the Miata, the MX-5, didn’t take off quite the way Mazda had hoped. Despite the fact that this 4-cylinder peppy convertible still offers much of what the previous models did, there are some downsides which make it sell much slower than other coupes on the market today.

Consumer reports show that the MX-5 has a lot of road noise inside the vehicle, along with limited space for cargo and passengers, and overall reports of a chopping ride. With a price tag starting at over $30,000, many people are considering other more practical convertibles to bomb around in during the summer months in the Lower Mainland.

As professional cars buyers here at Cash For Cars BC, we love buying vehicles of every make and model, even if they sell slower than the dealerships had hoped. If you currently own a Mazda Miata, or any other vehicle that you want to sell for cash, get in touch with our car buying team today.

4. Ford Mustang (109 days)


How can an iconic car like the Ford Mustang be sitting on the dealership’s lot for 109 days? One reason is that while stylish and powerful, the Ford Mustang is a gas guzzler, even though it’s a car.

Another reason is that Fords are notorious for having breakdowns, unreliability, and expensive repairs. When you already pay a high price for a car, the last thing you need are more bills to add to that initial investment. Although the latest Mustang has comfortable seating, a controlled and comfortable ride, and eco-boost to help save on gasoline, the available seating and cargo room is quite limited.

Over 70% of consumers are in the market for a family vehicle or SUV, so the Mustang, while great, isn’t purchased as often as many other vehicles. Which is why you’ll notice many of them sitting on the dealership lots longer than expected.

3. Buick Envision (117 days)

Oddly enough, the Buick Envision is a slow seller for both used and new versions of this vehicle. The used Envisions are typically only selling after being listed for at least 82 days, while the new Envisions are sitting on lots for 117 days +.

This is mostly due to the premium price tag for a not so premium vehicle. Also, many other SUVs on the market today offer a lot more for a lot less than the Buick Envision. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good purchase. It simply means that you’ll be waiting awhile if you buy a new one and decide to sell it privately later.

A better alternative to sell your car is to sell it to Cash For Cars BC. Even if you’re selling a Buick Envision, you won’t have to wait months to make a sale when you sell your car to us. We can complete the process in as little as 30 minutes, and always pay the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles.

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport (120 days)


Another vehicle that was on the slowest selling used car list of 2023 is also on the slowest selling new car list as well. The Discovery Sport is a great premium SUV, but like anything, has its downfalls.

The Discovery Sport looks expensive, which is what so many consumers love about owning one. Unfortunately, it is expensive, not only to buy, but to maintain and run. The gas mileage doesn’t even come close to other premium SUVs on the market today, and it has a long list of consumer reports about mechanical problems.

This could be a big reason why many people are choosing to buy other premium SUVs when car shopping for something new. If you want to try and talk your local car dealership salesmen down on a 2023 Discovery Sport, there’s probably never going to be a better time than now.

1. Jeep Cherokee (129 days)

With a name like Jeep, you wouldn’t expect to see one of them on the top 10 list of slowest selling new cars in Canada in 2023. Yet, here it is, and in the number one spot with a record 129 days to sell a brand new one off the lot. But, with a great brand name like Jeep, a solid resale value, and a 4×4 capability unmatched by most other vehicles, why are these not flying off the lot?


The biggest reason; gas mileage. With British Columbians paying record high gas prices at the pump, buying a Jeep is not the kind of proactive decision one wants to make regarding fule costs.

Another reason is the price tag. Jeep brand vehicles, including the Cherokee, have always been higher priced than many other 4×4’s on the market. This is partly because it withstands the test of time regarding resale value.

It is also because there is a huge fan base of enthusiasts who are willing to pay whatever they need to so that they can own one. But when you are making a larger investment right out of the gates, then have the increased added expense of gas costs every month, it is harder to afford one now than ever before.

How Can I Sell My Car for Cash Today?

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