Least Expensive Vehicles to Maintain

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With so many vehicle options out there nowadays, buying the least expensive vehicle to maintain can seem like a daunting task.

You do your research, take a few test drives, ask car salesmen for their own personal opinion on a car (which we all know is whatever it needs to be to get you to buy it 😉), and then we come to a decision.

A year or two into our purchase, we end up dealing with maintenance costs, unexpected repairs, and even some that are expected due to a recall notice.

What Cars Cost the Least to Own?

If you live in BC, you are probably well aware that we pay some of the highest taxes in the country. On top of that, we face unrealistic housing costs, ever-inflating grocery expenses, sporadic and expensive gas prices, and a whole host of other regular costs that make getting by tough at the best of times.

When we try our best to offset the daily cost of living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, what usually takes a back seat is dining out, going to the movies, and weekend getaways. However, one way that we can truly help ourselves financially is by making better choices when it comes to our purchases, and buying a car is no different.

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When it comes to buying smart, your best bet is to choose a vehicle with excellent fuel economy, long lasting durability, few maintenance costs, and overall reliability. This poses the question; which cars cost the least to own?

Cheapest Cars to Maintain in Canada

So, what cars will get you the most bang for your buck in Canada? You might be surprised to know that some of them aren’t actually cars, but SUV’s and trucks. There are many factors that constitute a vehicle as being the cheapest car to maintain.

10. Kia Forte

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For many years, Kia had a name for making cheap cars, and by cheap, we mean, poorly made. However, over the years Kia has worked tirelessly to re-establish a new name for itself in the automotive world.

The Kia Forte is a result of that much needed dedication to making affordable cars that are not only priced to buy but cost less to run and maintain in general. It comes with exceptional engine options, top-tier gas mileage, and a warranty that many other carmakers fail to match.

No wonder the Forte made it to the top 10 list this year for cheapest cars to maintain in Canada.

Starting Price: $23, 144

9. Mitsubishi Mirage

It’s been a while since Mitsubishi earned a spot on one of our top 10 lists, and this one was well deserved. If you’re looking for great performance, and big value, you’ll find it in the compact yet reliable 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage.

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Mitsubishi has always been known for making great cars, but the Mirage brought their image back to the forefront.

With incredible fuel economy, versatile and customizable cargo space, and solid dependability, buying a new Mirage will only save you money down the road.

If you currently own a Mistubishi of any model, we are always looking to buy them. They are reliable cars with a great fan base, and we will offer you the MOST cash for your Mistubishi car or SUV. Give our car buyers a call today to find out what your car is worth.

Starting Price: $14,298

8. Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet is known for making innovative cars but has always had a quiet expectation of frequent breakdowns and repairs. However, the new Chevy Equinox is changing the public’s opinion of the kind of cars Chevrolet puts out.

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The new Equinox comes standard with a great infotainment system, a very practical compact SUV design, plenty of cargo space, and great gas mileage (for the non-EV). You can purchase the Equinox in the new EV model coming out in 2023 to help further save you money on gas purchases.

With few reports of breakdowns, recalls, or general maintenance needs, the Chevy Equinox is a great buy for a great price. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from a car to an SUV, think about Chevy.

We love buying cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans for cash. If you’re considering trading in your current vehicle for a new one, don’t. Sell your car to Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More!

Starting Price: $27,995

7. Kia Rio

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Surprisingly, another Kia makes the cut on the top 10 list of least expensive vehicles to maintain in Canada. Again, a big part of why this is could be because of the excellent warranty this vehicle comes with (optionally of course).

It could also be because while replacing parts on any Kia vehicle without warranty coverage can be expensive, it’s few and far between that they’ll need it. At least for the first 10 years, which coincidently is about how long their standard warrant lasts.

Even though the Kia Rio has a great reliability rating, the vehicles themselves also have a quick depreciation rate. This makes selling them later less than desirable, as much of their value is lost right off the hop. If you want to sell your Kia Rio, or any other Kia vehicle for the MOST cash, sell your car to Cash For Cars BC. We always pay more cash for cars than any other professional car buyer in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, or Vancouver Island.

Starting Price: $17,500

6. Toyota Corolla

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As usual, Toyota makes an appearance on our list for cheapest vehicles to maintain in Canada. With a brand name like Toyota, everyone knows that these vehicles seem to last forever.

Many of the Toyota Corollas in particular are reported to have upwards of 400,000 kms on them and are still going strong. This is one of the reasons that Toyota Corollas are one of Canada’s biggest selling cars and have been for the past 20 years.

Not only do Toyota vehicles get great gas mileage and require minimal maintenance, they also have an outstanding safety rating. All these great attributes is why the Toyota Corolla is one of the cheapest vehicles to maintain and own in Canada in 2023.

Starting Price: $24,000

5. Volkswagen Jetta

Although Volkswagen brand of vehicles has never been one of the cheaper ones to purchase, they are most definitely one of the cheaper vehicles to maintain. Many of them have great gas mileage, or run on diesel, which is often cheaper at the pump.

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Not only that, but Volkswagen cars also have amazing capabilities in almost all terrain, unlike many of their competitors.

Coupled with amazing durability and reliability, and you’ve got an amazing vehicle that requires virtually nothing but an oil change every 5,000kms.

The well-roundedness of the Volkswagen Jetta is one of the reasons we love buying them so much. They have a great resale value, they last a really long time, and they are available in many different engine types, gas types, and with different trims.

If you have a Volkswagen Jetta, or any other VW for that matter, that you’d like to sell for quick cash, call our car buyers today. NOBODY Pays More!

Starting Price: $25,400

4. Honda Accord

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No list of the cheapest vehicles to own and maintain would be completed without a Honda on it, and this list has two of them. The first is the Honda Accord. A classic Honda vehicle with great style, great gas mileage, and minimal maintenance requirements or recalls.

This is because Honda has made themselves famous for producing some of the world’s most durable and reliable cars. So, it goes without saying that it is one of the best and most affordable cars you can own. While the sticker price is much higher than others in its class, you pay for what you get, and this is worth it.

With annual maintenance costs barely hitting the $500 mark, it’s easy to see why so many people want to own a Honda Accord. This is a major reason why we buy more Honda vehicles in the Lower Mainland than any other used car buyers. If you have one that you want to sell for TOP cash, sell your car to Cash For Cars BC today.

Starting Price: $37,000

3. Toyota Camry

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It seems Toyota and Honda are both owning the top spots on our top 10 list of cheapest cars to own and maintain in Canada. Toyota comes back in with the Camry, another vehicle that has proven itself to consumers across Canada, as well as the world.

With a rich history of phenomenal safety ratings, plenty of leg room for the passengers in the back (i.e. kids), and more trunk space than most cars its size, the Camry is a practical buy, but also a great investment.

Much like its rival Honda, the Toyota Camry has great resale value. It also comes with an optional warranty that you won’t’ necessarily ever need, but it’s never a bad idea to be protected.

If you’re looking for a great family car that seats all comfortably, while keeping them safe on the road, the Camry is the car you’re looking for.

Starting Price: $30,900

2. Kia Soul

A third Kia makes the cut with our top 10 list of cheapest cars to maintain in Canada in 2023. The Kia Soul has rightfully earned is place in the #2 spot as it is one of the most affordable SUVs on the market today.

And that’s not just because of its more than reasonable price tag either. It’s due in part to the low operating costs which include better than most gas mileage, very little repairs, and a very short list of consumer reported recalls and breakdowns.

Kia once had a namesake for making some of the most unreliable vehicles on the market in North America.

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However, this company has sure stepped up its game. No wonder Kia is dominating the top 10 list this year with their 3 best-selling vehicles.

Starting Price: $24,000

1.Honda Civic

Like so many other car related top 10 lists, the Honda Civic comes in and takes first place. For the majority of consumers, it isn’t at all surprising.

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular cars in Canada, as well as North America, for over 25 years. That’s because these cars are not only reliable, but they also just never quit.

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One Honda Civic owner wrote a blog about how he put over 750,000 kms on his Civic in only 5 years. Although he was aiming to get it to a solid and historic 1,000,000 kms. The unfortunate part is that the odometer stops at 999,999 kms, so he was never able to officially tally the total number of kilometres he put on it.

If you’re thinking about switching into a new car, a Honda Civic is by far one of the best and most reliable vehicles you’ll ever own. On the other hand, if you’re looking to sell a Honda Civic, no matter how old it is or how many kilometres it has, we are always looking to buy them. Talk to one of our car buyers today if you’re considering selling your car.

How Can I Reduce My Maintenance Costs on My Car?

Without a doubt, any car you own will require some level of basic maintenance. For some, it’s as simple as getting regular oil changes. For others, they require constant tweaking of various components, sensor replacements, and even transmission fluid changes.

So, how can you reduce your overall maintenance costs on your car? Easy; keep up on the maintenance that’s suggested in your vehicle’s service manual.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “how can spending money on maintenance reduce my maintenance costs?”. The short answer? If you keep your car in its best working order, you’ll have fewer breakdowns, and can even circumvent how frequently you actually need to change your oil.

What’s the Best Oil to Use in a Car?

Every vehicle has different needs when it comes to oil. Again, this is something that you can either ask your mechanic or find in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you get your oil changes done by a professional, you’re pretty much guaranteed that they are using the oil that your vehicle requires.

However, if you’re planning on doing oil changes yourself, or have an automotive savvy friend who will be doing them, make sure you’re using the one specified for your vehicle type, make, and model. This can usually be found stamped right on your engine oil cap.

Some vehicles require advanced full synthetic oil, or semi-synthetic oil, and others use premium full synthetic. Just like how some vehicles used 5W 30, and others require 5W 40. That’s why it’s so important to check your owner’s manual or have a professional mechanic or oil change place like Great Canadian Oil Change do your vehicle’s oil changes regularly.

Other Ways You Can Reduce Your Monthly Vehicle Expenses

We’ve talked about saving money on your vehicle by choosing a car that is affordable both to buy but also run. Selecting a car with lower maintenance costs will definitely help your monthly car expenses. However, that’s not the only way to reduce what you fork out on your car in a month.


Another way to help lower your vehicle expenses is by driving smart. Limit your driving to commuting to work, sports practices, and pre-planned trips out (like to the grocery store, camping, etc). You can even save money on gas by ordering your groceries to be delivered, which for the cost of a monthly subscription, it still works out to be a savings.

Additionally, one great way to save monthly on your car is to ensure you’ve got the appropriate car insurance on it. Also, if what you’re using your vehicle for changes, adjust your insurance accordingly.

If you’ve been a licensed driver for over 10 years, you can apply this to your insurance and get an extra discount. Also, safe driving produces more insurance discounts by having a claim free history with ICBC.

Want to Sell Your Car in Metro Vancouver?


Maybe you’re thinking about switching to a hybrid or fully electric vehicle and taking advantage of all the great incentives offered by both the BC and Canadian government. Or perhaps you’re currently driving a big truck but want to downgrade to something better on gas. There are so many reasons that our customers choose to sell their car.

If you want to sell your vehicle so that you can either get into one of these more affordable cars listed above, talk to our team at Cash For Cars BC today. We’ll pay you the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, or motorcycles in the Lower Mainland, and can have your vehicle sold for cash in as little as 30 minutes.

What Determines the Price I Get for My Vehicle?

When it comes to buying cars for cash, we are the experts. We’ve been buying and selling used cars since 1998, and we understand and appreciate what the true value of a car is. That’s why we take the time to explain how much your vehicle is worth, and why, so that you can make a more informed decision before selling your car.

Every vehicle is priced differently because we base our offers on a variety of different factors.

We Consider:

  • The make
  • The model
  • It’s age
  • Its general condition
  • Any after-market modifications
  • The number of kilometres on the vehicle
  • The demand for your type of vehicle
  • Your location

Where some online car buyers only offer you a Canadian Black Book value, we offer the MOST cash for cars in Metro Vancouver. That’s because we are professional car buyers that don’t create cash offers out of an algorithm. That’s why more people choose to sell their car to Cash For Cars BC.

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Also, we get the details mentioned above over the phone beforehand. Then, we book an in-person vehicle appraisal to come see your car and possibly test drive it. Our used car buyers will make you an offer right there on the spot.

If you accept our offer, consider your car sold! We’ll pay you cash right then and there, and if it’s a higher priced vehicle, we’ll offer you the payment method of your choosing. We’ll leave with your vehicle after paying you, whether it is currently insured or not, and it’s done.

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