How Can You Get the Most Money for Selling Your Car?

How to Get the Most Money for Your Car

It’s a common misconception that the more money you put into a vehicle, the better it is. Many people spend time and money on their vehicle in hopes to improve its overall value. Some do it for their own satisfaction. While others do it in the hopes of getting a big return on it when it comes time to sell. The reality is that you don’t need to break the bank to get money back. You simply need to buy smart.

But how do you begin to buy smart when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle? Easy; you choose a brand that has a solid history of holding its resale value. Additionally, you choose a vehicle made by a quality car maker. Particular brands, makes, and models can procure more return than others. This blog is some insight for consumers to help them make the best choice when buying a car.

How Do People Waste Money on Their Vehicles?

It may sound silly, but many people waste a lot of money on their car. It’s not that they enjoy losing money, but they think that it’s necessary. Things like replacing tires, replacing wiper blades, paying way too much at the pump on premium gas, and other things can burn a hole in your wallet very quickly. In fact, you may as well light your money on fire if you’re going to put money into repairs and replacements without first researching it.

1.Having a Mechanic Replace Wipers and Air Filters

Saving Money on Your Car

Many consumers are guilty of this. They either don’t put the effort into learning how to do these replacements themselves, or they simply don’t want to.

At any rate, going to your local mechanic like our friends at M & C Auto Transmissions or things like a filter change, can add up over time.

There is a whole host of video tutorials available on Youtube to learn how to do these changes yourself. Not only can it save you money on the cost of labour, it can also save you money on the parts. When you change filters and wipers yourself, you can order the parts online for well below retail value.

2.Replacing Tires Instead of Your Shocks

Sometimes, we assume that our vehicle isn’t that old, new tires are the answer to unwelcome vibrations. It’s not uncommon to think that when your vehicle isn’t driving as it used to be, that you need new tires. However, that’s not always the solution. If you’re noticing uneven tire wear, weird vibrations, or any new and unusual road feel, it could be your shocks or struts.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on new tires, and the problem will still persist. It’s best to get a professional to assess your vehicle if you’re having any new road noise or road feel while driving. They are the experts, and they’ll be able to advise you of what your next steps should be.

3.Not Keeping Good Records of Repairs & Replacements

When you own a vehicle, it’s always good practice to maintain records of its history. Whether its repairs, replacements, or accidents, it’s good to have a file of the information on it. This will not only help when it comes time to sell your car, it helps prevent being swindled. Who would swindle you, you ask? Lots of businesses.

Mechanics can be amazing when you find a great one. However, if you are unlucky enough to find a bad one, they will do their best to completely empty your pockets. That’s why it’s imperative that you keep accurate records of what work has been done on your car. If they are telling you to replace something that was already recently replaced, get a second opinion.


It is entirely possible for something to need repair after already being replaced, but it is uncommon. Hold on to all the invoices or paperwork your shop gives you whenever you take your car in. It could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars later. Plus, when you sell your vehicle, the new owners will be glad you did. Not only could you save them money by keeping records, it makes your vehicle much more appealing to buy.

4.Not Changing Your Fuel Filter Regularly

In this day and age, everything keeps going up and up. Inflation is a constant battle, and as a car owner, it’s the devil we know. Repairs, maintenance, and our own customizable features we add to our cars can all add up.

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on your fuel filter, you may want to. With the ever-rising gas prices, something as simple as changing your fuel filter can save you money. The fuel filter can impact your vehicles performance, gas consumption, and also the lifespan of your engine.

If you’re mechanically savvy, you could very well do this replacement yourself. For around $20, this can be a quick half hour fix you do at home. However, some newer vehicles need to be done by a mechanic because the filter can be built into the gas tank. If you’re unsure, get it checked out to see how you can be saving yourself a few extra dollars.

5.Not Keeping Your Tires Properly Inflated


This is one that we are all guilty of at one point or another. We lose track of the time since our last inflation, or we don’t notice that our car is pulling. Sometimes, we don’t realize how low our tires are until that speed bump feels way bigger than it actually is. When the tiniest bump feels like we’re off-roading, our tires are entirely too low.

Keeping your tires properly inflated makes your gas mileage considerably better. But it also protects your wheels, and your undercarriage. For vehicles with low-pro tires, not having enough air in them can mean scraping on every little bump or incline. This can do some real damage if you’re not careful, and damage means money. Take a few minutes periodically to check your tire pressure. Especially during season changes when the temperatures rise and fall.

6.Using the Wrong Kind of Gasoline for Your Vehicle

For years consumers have thought that putting “premium” gasoline in your car meant you were giving it the very best. There are a whole host of myths surrounding premium gasoline, in fact.

“Using premium gasoline gets you better gas mileage” – Myth.

“Premium gas helps clean out your engine and will help you pass AirCare easier” – Myth.

“Premium gasoline makes your car run better” – Myth.

Premium gas may imply that it’s the best gasoline simply because of its name. However, it doesn’t mean that is the reality. Different vehicles have different needs, which in turn, means different gas. You could be paying way more than you need to be on gas if you arbitrarily fill up with premium unleaded fuel.

How Do I Know What Gas My Car Needs?

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out exactly what petrol your car needs. If you’re driving something like a Toyota Corolla, you don’t need premium fuel. But if you’re driving something like a Lamborghini, you’ll need it.

More often than not it’s supercars, luxury cars, certain SUV’s, and certain trucks that require premium grade fuel. Don’t overspend if you don’t have to. Take 5 minutes to read your owner’s manual, or to Google your vehicle type and find out what your car actually needs.

7.Getting Your Oil Changed Too Often

We’ve all done it; gone a little longer than we were supposed to between oil changes. Our mechanic kindly puts that sticker on our window that tells us when we need to come back in, but often times we come back late. But you know what? It’s okay, because vehicles don’t actually need an oil change every 5,000kms like clockwork.

The condition your oil is in depends entirely on how you drive, where you drive, and how much you’ve been driving. If you live in colder climates, driver aggressively or a lot, or live in the city, you can definitely benefit from regular oil changes. However, if you drive passively, live in a reasonably mild climate, and commute between the city and suburbs, you can easily wait.


Hold off until around 6000 – 8000 kms before changing your oil. Anything more is overkill for most vehicles.  \We understand that most people want to be proactive about protecting their cars engine, but it’s not always necessary to change your oil every 3 months or 5,000kms. 

What Are the Best Brands of Vehicles to Buy?

Another way to save yourself some money, is to make your initial investment count. When you buy a car, it’s easy to get suckered in to all the bells and whistles at the dealership. Salesmen have a way of getting you to buy something you don’t really need. This will cost you. Instead, before visiting the dealership, consider what you’ll use your vehicle for.

Also, think about how you use your vehicle. This will help you determine how much gas you’ll use, where you’ll go, and why you want the type of vehicle you want. When you have a clear objective, it makes it that much harder for salesmen to talk you into buying something you don’t really want or need.

Best Car Brands in Canada

That being said, there are some particular car brands that have stood the test of time over the years. These makes offer a better resale value than most, and have a solid longevity on the road. The make and model of car you buy will depend on what your needs are. However, the following car makers have a proven track record of great resale value, and overall quality craftmanship.

  1. Jeep
  2. Toyota
  3. Honda
  4. Lexus
  5. Porsche
  6. Cadillac
  7. Dodge Ram
  8. Volkswagen
  9. Mercedes-Benz
  10. Subaru

These are the ten best vehicle brands to buy in Canada. They either have a solid track record for making quality cars, or they have a huge following of enthusiasts that making selling your car much more profitable than it would normally be. If you’re considering trading up from your current vehicle, consider one of these brands.

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