How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in British Columbia

How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership in British Columbia
There are several steps involved for both the buyer and seller of a used vehicle in British Columbia. We have compiled these easy to follow steps to help you with a smooth vehicle transfer process.

Please note that when you use our Cash for Cars vehicle service to sell your car we take care of all these steps for you. Over the years we have purchased many many vehicles and are experts in this process. The entire vehicle transfer process can take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Steps for the vehicle seller

  1. Pick up a Transfer/Tax Form (APV9T) from any Autoplan broker. We will bring this form with us.
  2. Remove your licence plates from the vehicle you’re selling.
  3. Remove your insurance and registration. The insurance and registration are located on same document (APV250).
  4. Remove the bottom vehicle registration portion of the APV250 form.
  5. The buyer takes the registration, make sure it has the sellers signature on it. (It must be the original registration, not a photocopy.)
  6. After you (the seller) have been paid, fill out and sign the Transfer/Tax Form in full. Each of the four pages must have original signatures.
  7. To complete the transfer, take the registration and Transfer/Tax Form to an Autoplan broker. We strongly recommend going together with the buyer to ensure that the registration transfer is processed in a timely manner and that your name and any insurance and licence products are removed from the vehicle registration record. This is important in avoiding any possible liability claims associated with the future operation of the vehicle by the purchaser. If you cannot visit the Autoplan broker with the buyer, keep the seller’s copy (with original signatures from both you and the seller) for your records.
  8. Remember to cancel your insurance or transfer it to a new vehicle.​

Steps for the vehicle buyer

  1. Get the original vehicle registration, with the owner’s signature on it, from the seller.
  2. Fill out and sign in full the purchaser’s portion of the Transfer/Tax Form (APV9T). Each of the four pages must have original signatures — electronic signatures are not accepted.
  3. To complete the transfer, take these documents to an Autoplan broker. We strongly recommend going together with the seller.
    You can get the vehicle registered, licensed and insured at the broker’s at the same time.​
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