GM Releases EV1, First Electric Car


For many of us, hybrid vehicles are not something new. We’ve all seen them around town, some of us are driving one currently, and while it was very trendy at the beginning, it is now a mainstay in the automotive world.

With ever-climbing gas prices, and the cost of living rising more and more every day, people are choosing to go electric to help reduce their monthly vehicle expenses, like gasoline.

On November 14, 1996, GM released its very first electric vehicle into the automotive world for consumers everywhere to purchase; the EV1.

Built in Lansing, Michigan, the American car buying market was the first to be graced with its presence. However, its lifespan was short lived as the vehicle was discontinued promptly in 1999.

Why Was the General Motors EV1 Discontinued?

Despite the fac that the public was eager to own an electric vehicle at the time, GM found that it wasn’t as profitable as projected, and quickly discontinued the production of the EV1.

Many of the EV1’s that were put on the market were later crushed, and others were placed in museums to represent GM’s first electric car. If you happen to be the proud owner of one of the original EV1 vehicles, you may be sitting on a hidden gem.

Some vehicle collectors are looking for the EV1, as it is extremely rare to find any nowadays. Even if it’s in junk condition, you can still earn a pretty penny for it through a private sale.


The First Electric Car Released by GM

The first EV vehicle released by GM, the EV1, had a reasonable range (for its time) of 112 kms to 144 kms. Considering that no other electric vehicle was being mass produced in 1996, the majority of the EV1’s were only available through a lease program. Thus, making it even harder for a consumer to own one outright.

In addition to the difficulty set out for consumers to buy an EV1, the MSRP was a whopping $46, 430 overall. This may be a common price for electric or hybrid vehicles today, but in 1996, that was a very large amount of money for a very impractical car.

When you only get 112-144kms per charge, paying an arm and a leg for the EV1 made it more of a temporary toy or gimmick, than an everyday driver. This is perhaps what contributed to the quick downfall of this GM vehicle.

What Electric Vehicles Has GM Made?

Aside from the flop of the EV1, General Motors has made several different electric and hybrid vehicles in recent years. They include:


  • Bolt EV
  • Bolt EUV
  • Equinox EV 3LT
  • Blazer EV SS
  • Silverado EV
  • Hummer EV
  • Sierra Denali EV
  • Cadillac Lyriq
  • Buick Wildcat EV
  • Buick Electra

While some of the vehicles on this list are not specifically labeled as a GM vehicle, they are part of the General Motors family of cars.

General Motors Plans to Go All-Electric Worldwide

Over the past few years, GM has ramped up their production and engineering to focus their entire line-up of vehicles on becoming fully electric. Their goal is to be entirely electric by 2035.

They are so committed to this movement that they have recently invested over $35 billion in design, engineering, production, and advertising. With every vehicle brand that functions under the GM umbrella, that will greatly expand consumer’s ability to find an EV or hybrid vehicle that suits their needs, no matter what they are.

Does GM Make Electric Trucks?


After Ford released the brand-new F-150 Lightning this past year (2023), GM launched the new 2024 Chevy Silverado which is also all electric. This is the only other comparable challenger for the F-150 and other electric trucks on the market today.

With a starting price of $55,000 in Canada, the Chevyl Silverado is not only a fierce competitor for the F-150 Lightning, but also a fierce competitor for all hybrid and electric vehicles on the market in its class.

Considering the fact that many Teslas, Toyota hybrids, and Honda hybrids or fully electric vehicles start between $40,000-$55,000, getting a fully electric truck for much the same price is unheard of. Bear in mind that this is of course for the base model. However, nonetheless, you can own a truck EV for a much more affordable price than ever considered before.

What Are the Best Electric Vehicles of 2023 & 2024?

While GM does make great vehicles and is one of the largest automakers in North America, there are many great EV’s on the market today. All with varying features, purposes, and prices, and all made by different automakers.

Below are some of the top electric vehicles on the market in 2023 & 2024.

1.Hyundai Ioniq 6


Who’d have thought that the one notoriously bad brand of Hyundai would pull a full 180 degrees years later to become one of the best electric vehicle makers of 2023? Well, they did in fact do just that.

The 2023 Ioniq 6 is smartly crafted, and an extremely spacious family sedan which is taking consumers by storm. Coupled with its more than reasonable price tag and great driving range per charge, it’s not wonder why it’s hit the top spot in 2023 for the best EV money can buy. The starting price is $54,999.

2.Chevrolet Bolt

This little compact car may be small, but great things come in small packages. This little car known for its tremendous driving range and quick acceleration.

However, it also has a surprising amount of cabin space, despite its tiny stature. Where the EV 1 may have failed, the Chevy Bolt has quickly redeemed GM for producing great EV’s with the Chevy Bolt.

GM has notoriously had vehicles that had a great safety rating, but a poor reliability score. The Chevy Bolt, however, comes in with a slightly above average rating of 74 for reliability.


Making it a reasonable buy for an electric vehicle in today’s market. The starting price is $41,000.

3.Nissan Leaf

Nissan has had its fair share of recent recalls due to engine problems and transmission failures, but with the new Nissan Leaf, that will be a thing of the past. Where Nissan has failed with gasoline powered vehicles, they have definitely succeeded with the newest Nissan Leaf, earning in third place in the top electric vehicles of 2023.

Not only does the Leaf come with a great starting price of just $38,000, but it also brings with it all the latest technology, a solid infotainment system, some of the best safety features on the EV market today, and all the pep a driver could ask for when traversing Downtown Vancouver’s brutal rush hour drive.

The only downside to owning a Leaf is the shorter driving range than many of its competitors, and the duration required to charge the vehicle. Hopefully, next year Nissan will bump up the charging capabilities and enhance the driving range to make it more practical for those who don’t live in cities that are flooded with chargers.

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