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It was 76 years ago today that a new style of truck would come on the market that would forever change the way consumers viewed and utilized trucks in general. On January 16, 1948, Ford released the very first F-Series Ford truck that brought with it a new and unique-to-Ford styling platform.

Unlike previous Ford model trucks, the F-Series was designed to range from the F-1 up to F-8, with each truck (running from lowest to highest) ranging in its capabilities based off of what series number it was. The new design with correlating numbered designation proved to be one of the best ideas ever put out by Ford.

Still today, the Ford F-Series trucks remain as one of the number one trucks in Canada year after year.

Ford Trucks Made Differently

At the time Ford launched the F-Series, their intent was to offer a different truck for different jobs to help consumers own and operate a heavy-duty vehicle best suited to their specific needs. This had never been done before in the automotive world of trucks.

The first-generation of Ford trucks was produced up until 1952, when Ford decided to replace their previous models with a second-generation truck that was slightly larger.

This only lasted for the next five years as Ford then brought in its third-generation Ford F-Series trucks in 1957. This new generation of truck included a standard cab-over, and optional four-wheel drive.


Just a short while later in 1965, the very first Ford Ranger model made its way into the spotlight. However, it wasn’t branded at the time as it is today, as it was simply a trim offered by Ford on their current F-Series model of trucks. Ultimately, the name “Ranger” would become its entirely own type of truck and become one of the most popular trucks Ford offered for many, many years.

The History of the Ford F-Series


For anyone who is an avid Ford truck lover, you’ve probably watched over the years as the Ford F-Series trucks took on many different new stylings, trims, and sometimes a complete overhaul.

Between two decades (the 70’s and 80’s), Ford launched four more different generations of Ford F-Series trucks. Always improving, tweaking, and sometimes redesigning based off consumer feedback. Ford was determined to keep the F-Series known as one of North America’s most beloved trucks of all time. Therefore, they never stopped improving off the previous year’s models.

On the 75th anniversary of Ford truck production, Ford launched the Ford SVT Lightning, which was a powerhouse with 240 horsepower, and a 5.8 L V8 engine. Their intent? To fiercely compete with the newly launched Chevy 454SS. And in true Ford truck fashion, it did well.

With a truck producer like Ford, you can find almost any truck for any purpose. This is why we love buying trucks for the MOST cash in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island. In fact, our name may be Cash For Cars BC, but we are also the Lower Mainland’s #1 truck buyers too!

The Ford F-Series Redesign in 10th Generation Trucks

In 1997, Ford would introduce a whole new line of trucks, however they still would bear the F-Series namesake.

With such a massive redesign of the F-Series, Ford was naturally fearful that it wouldn’t be welcomed as they anticipated.

However, they would be wrong. The tenth generation of Ford F-Series trucks would be the longest running generation in Ford’s truck production history.

10th generation ford f-series

In fact, Cash For Cars BC still buys many of the tenth generation Ford F-Series trucks today, despite their age or condition. Many of them are still running strong, and for those that aren’t, we still offer the MOST cash for them as well.

We are the Lower Mainland’s leading used car buyer, but we don’t just buy cars and trucks that are in great condition. We also buy scrap cars, older vehicles, and vehicles with mechanical issues or collision damage. If you want to sell your car or truck, sell it to Cash For Cars BC today. NOBODY Pays More

How Many Trucks Are There in the Ford F-Series?

To date, the Ford F-Series runs from the F-150 all the way up to the F-750. And just like as the F-Series started out, each designation has a different purpose, is made for a different driver and function, and always practical and stylish, as many of Ford’s trucks are.

ford super duty

Year after year the Ford F-Series, mainly the F-150, makes it into the top 3 spots for Canada’s favourite trucks. Many years, it takes the number one spot, despite such an immense amount of truck competition in the automotive world.

Vehicle producers are always trying to produce trucks that are stylish, functional, practical, have great fuel-economy, and can be easily customized at the time of purchase (or after).

Although Dodge makes trucks in a similar fashion to the F-Series, nothing comes close to one of the oldest living truck on the market today, the Ford F-Series.

Ford Launches the First EV Truck

ford truck buyers

In April of 2022, Ford released the very first F-Series truck that would be fully electric. With a trunk in the front where the engine once was, and still exceptional space in the flatbed for hauling, the Lightning set the stage for what consumers should expect from an EV truck.

Despite the fact that many other truck manufacturers have since launched EV trucks following suit with the Ford Lightning, nothing compares to the innovation that came with the Lightning’s release.

As a professional used car buyer in Metro Vancouver, we are always looking for great EV cars, trucks, SUVs, and even vans now. With a brand like Ford that’s known for innovation and pioneering, we are always on the hunt for great Ford vehicles, regardless of their age or condition.

If you have a Ford vehicle of any kind that you’d like to sell, get in touch with our car buying team today. Even if you’re looking to sell a vehicle that isn’t Ford, we are always looking to buy vehicles of every make and model. NOBODY Pays More!

What Are All the Vehicles that Ford Makes?

With such a rich history in making trucks, it should come as no surprise that Ford was also a pioneer in many other types of vehicles in the automotive world. From SUVs to minivans to everyone’s favourite, the Mustang. Plus, Ford is one of the leaders in the EV market today with the first ever EV truck, the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford Sedans, Hatchbacks, & Sport Cars

  • Ford Escort
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Festiva
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Ford Mustang Darkhorse
  • Ford Taurus

Ford Trucks

  • Ford F-Series (150,250,350,450,550,650,750)
  • Ford Lightning
  • Ford Maverick
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Super Duty

Ford SUVs & Crossovers

  • Ford Bronco
  • Ford Bronco Sport
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Edge-L
  • Ford Equator
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Everest
  • Ford Evos
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Explorer EV
  • Ford Expedition
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford Vans & Minivans

  • Ford Aerostar
  • Ford Econoline
  • Ford Transit
  • Ford Transit Cutaway
  • Ford E-Series
  • Ford E-Series Cutaway

With such a wide variety of vehicles offered by Ford, it’s no wonder why Cash For Cars BC is always looking to buy any of the great line of vehicles that Ford makes. If you want to sell your Ford car, truck, SUV, or van for the MOST cash, sell it to Cash For Cars BC today. NOBODY Pays More!

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What Determines the Price of My Vehicle?

Every vehicle has a very different value because every car and truck that we buy has a different history; thus, a different overall worth. This is why we find it so important to see your vehicle in person before every making you an offer.

Contact our team of used car buyers and provide us with the make, model, year, condition, and number of kilometres your vehicle has. Then, we’ll arrange an in-person appointment to see your car. Don’t worry because our used car buyers come to you, and this can be done 7 days a week, during the day or in the evening.

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Cash for Scrap Ford Vehicles Too

You don’t get to be Metro Vancouver’s leading professional used car buyer by only buying vehicles that are in reasonable condition. Which is why we have also been paying the MOST cash for scrap cars since 1998 as well. This includes scrap Ford vehicles.

No matter how old your Ford vehicle is, no matter what kind of mechanical issues it may have, we’ll buy it. Simply talk to one of our used car buyers to find out how much your scrap Ford vehicle is worth. You might be surprised!

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