Does Buying a Hybrid Vehicle Pay Off in the Long Run?

Does Buying a Hybrid Vehicle Pay Off in the Long Run?

There are so many things to consider nowadays when buying a new vehicle. Especially when we’re facing things like pandemics, forest fires, flooding, mudslides, and now a limited supply of foreign crude oil. The things going on in the world not only affect us, they effect things like production costs of new vehicles, and of course, our gas prices. It’s all of the variables that we are facing right now that have many people asking the question; does owning a hybrid really ever pay off?

Hybrids are undoubtedly better for the environment, but they are also considerably more expensive than your average vehicle that runs on unleaded fuel. Most of the marketing done to promote the sale of hybrid cars focuses on how owning one is doing your part for the planet and how it will save you so much money on gasoline. But does it really save you money when the sticker price is so high? Let’s take a closer look on what hybrids are and how they work to find the answer.

How Hybrid Vehicles Actually Work

When you don’t know a lot about cars to begin with, it’s hard to know how a hybrid vehicle even works. Many people think you just charge it at night in your garage, like you do your cell phone on your bedside table, and when the morning comes, you unplug it and away you go. Wrong. Most hybrid vehicles don’t run on electricity alone. In fact, most of the time they either run the electric power simultaneously to the gasoline powered engine, or they run on their charge until there isn’t any left, and then the gasoline engine kicks in to keep the car going. Ultimately, you’ll have to buy less gasoline, but it also depends on the kind of driving you do, and where you do it.

City driving uses more gas than highway driving, and being heavy on the gas and brake versus not also uses more gas. If you drive more passively, even while in the city, this will help to reduce how much gas you are using when driving any vehicle, even a hybrid.

Incentives for Buying a Hybrid Vehicle

If you’re thinking of selling your current car to get yourself into a hybrid, you should give us a call first. We buy used cars of any make, model, and year, and offer more than most dealerships are willing to give you as a trade-in. Selling your car to a licensed used car buyer like Cash for Cars BC means you get paid top dollar for your vehicle, and you can take that money to put towards a down payment on that new hybrid you’ve been eyeing, because as mentioned before, hybrids can be pricey.

The good news is that there are incentives offered by BC Hydro when you decide to sell your used vehicle and buy a new hybrid. The rebates they offer when you buy a hybrid range for $1500 to $3000, depending on the type of hybrid vehicle you are buying. When you

combine this with our larger cash payment by selling your vehicle to Cash for Cars BC, it’s not as expensive as it seems. That’s why you should always choose us if you’re going to sell, because NOBODY pays more cash for cars than us. It’s in our name!

The Verdict on Selling Your Car and Buying a Hybrid

So, would it be a smart move to sell your used vehicle and buy yourself a hybrid? With the current cost of gasoline, the answer is yes. When gas is cheap, it’s not so rewarding. But when gas is expensive, and let’s face it, it’s never been more expensive than now, it will produce a big pay off in the long run. You’ll be doing your part to help protect the environment and lower your carbon footprint, and you’ll be saving a pretty penny in petrol costs on the whole.

If you’re making the decision to get into a hybrid, and out of whatever you drive right now, you should contact a professional and licensed car buyer like Cash for Cars BC to sell your car. You’ll want to get the most cash you can get for your current vehicle to offset the initial price of a hybrid, and NOBODY pays more cash for cars than we do. We are the best choice for selling a used vehicle and unlike many of our competitors, we come to you! Call us today to find out what we’ll pay you for your car, truck, SUV, or minivan.

Scrap Car Removal Services

We may have a name for buying used cars, but we also buy scrap vehicles too. If you’ve got a car or truck that has high kilometers, body damage, mechanical issues, or anything else stopping it from being road worthy, call or text us today to find out how much cash we’ll pay you for your scrap car too. Maybe you even have a scrap car that you want to sell in addition to your current vehicle. Why not sell us both cars and get even more cash in your pocket to take to our friends at Regency Toyota (Regency Toyota Vancouver | New Toyota Vehicles) when you go hybrid shopping? We love to buy cars, and you love to make money, so it’s win-win.

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