Cash for Scrap Cars in Vancouver


Throughout our many years of buying vehicles across Metro Vancouver, we often come across clients that have cars which are ready for the scrap yard. Many of these vehicles are perfectly fine cars, but are simply in need of repairs and/or a professional cleaning, or have really high mileage. Fortunately for them, we are more than happy to offer the MOST cash for scrap cars in Metro Vancouver as well.

Whether you’re selling a vehicle that has extensive interior damage, is an ICBC write-off, or simply has a high number of kilometres, we’ll make you an offer on it. Plus, just like when we buy vehicles that are in reasonable condition, we handle all the paperwork, we come to you, and NOBODY Pays More!

What Kind of Scrap Car Removal Services Do We Provide?

It’s true, we are the #1 used car buyers in Vancouver, but we didn’t get that way by only buying cars that are in great shape. That’s why we offer a whole host of various scrap car removal services for people who want to sell their junk cars.

We Offer:

  • Scrap car removal in Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley
  • Roadside vehicle removal after an accident or breakdown
  • Same day junk car pick-up
  • Free junk car towing
  • The MOST cash for scrap cars
  • Cash for cars with mechanical issues
  • Cash for damaged cars
  • Cash for cars with various types of damage
  • A free and easy service to scrap your car for cash in BC
  • ICBC write-off vehicle purchasing
  • The best way to sell your car for cash today, no matter what condition it’s in!

Talk to our team of used car buyers to get an instant offer on your junk car. If you’ve been thinking about selling your car but think that no one will buy it because it is old, has damage, or has issues, think again. Cash For Cars BC offers the MOST cash for scrap cars in Vancouver too!

How Can I Sell My Scrap Car  in Metro Vancouver?


We buy all types of foreign and domestic vehicles of any make, model and year, regardless of age or condition. Any car, from any car manufacturer. We aren’t picky when it comes to paying the MOST cash for scrap cars. No matter what the condition, or where it’s from, we’ll offer you the MOST cash for your car in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

If it’s a junk truck that you’re selling, we’ll buy it. If it’s a beat-up old minivan from 1981, we’ll pay you the MOST cash for it. Even if it’s a vehicle that has been a daily driver for the past 10 years, and is still going strong, we’ll make you a better offer on it than any of our competitors.

Unlike some used car buyers, we buy more than just cars in great condition or within a certain age. Plus, just like with our used vehicle buying service, we come to you! And the towing is always free, no matter where you live in the Lower Mainland.

Scrap Your Car in Metro Vancouver Today

With Cash for Cars BC, we take all the hassle and worry out of selling your “less than perfect” or scrap car in Metro Vancouver. You don’t need to prepare anything at all with your vehicle. Absolutely no cleaning or repairs are required. Simply empty your personal belongings out of the vehicle, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even remove your license plates for you if you like!

No trips to a dealership or talking with pushy salespeople, whose main goal is to get you to buy a new car. There will be absolutely no sales pressure of any type because our focus is on buying used cars, not selling them.

If you want to sell a scrap car without buying another, we are the ones to talk to.

So many people consider selling their old or unwanted vehicles, but don’t want to put in the time or effort. That’s because selling a car that is outdated or has any kind of mechanical or electrical issues isn’t all that profitable. Unless you sell it for the MOST cash to Cash For Cars BC. NOBODY Pays More!

Scrap Your Car Quickly & Easily with Cash For Cars BC

We have become Vancouver’s number one scrap car purchasing service for several reasons:

  • We offer the very best customer service
  • We pay the MOST cash for your car, truck, SUV, or van
  • Absolutely no sales pressure
  • Cash payments right on the spot
  • We do all the paperwork
  • We provide free towing
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the car buying industry

Unlike many other professional used car buyers, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service. Additionally, we also pay the MOST cash for scrap cars in the Lower Mainland. If you’ve got an older vehicle or unwanted car of any kind, but don’t want the hassle of selling it privately for mere pennies, talk to us. NOBODY Pays More!

Get an Instant Cash Offer on Your Car Today!

While we do always come to our customers’ locations, it isn’t usually necessary when buying a scrap vehicle. If you’re certain that your car is destined for the scrapyard, we’ll make you an instant cash offer over the phone, without an in-person appraisal.

Simply provide us with a few basic details about your junk vehicle. Let us know the make, model, year, and condition of the car. If you’re able to retrieve the kilometres from the odometer, that will also help our scrap car removal team to assess the value of your junk vehicle.

Then, provide us with your car’s pick-up location. Our team will make you an offer based on the information you’ve provided, right then and there. No ifs, ands, or buts!

scrap car removal Vancouver

If you accept our offer, we’ll arrange a day and time for our free auto scrap pickup service to come collect your car. Our driver will remove the license plates (if you haven’t already), load the vehicle onto our truck, and pay you cash in hand before driving away. It’s really that easy!

What Type of Scrap Vehicles Do We Buy?

scrap car buyers Vancouver

Our name is Cash For Cars BC, but when it comes to buying used vehicles, we buy them all! Even when the car you’re selling happens to be a scrap car, truck, SUV, or van.

We Are Always Looking to Buy:

  • Vehicles with collision damage
  • ICBC write-offs
  • Vehicles with minor or major mechanical issues
  • Vehicles with electrical problems
  • Junk cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans
  • Worn-out campervans and 1-ton trucks
  • Vehicles with damage caused by acts of nature
  • Vehicles with fire, flood, rodent, pet, or any other kind of interior damage
  • Vehicles with or without the catalytic converter
  • Vehicles without keys or registration

We even purchase scrap cars than are from out of the province, out of the country, or were part of someone’s estate. As long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle, we’d be happy to make you an offer on your scrap vehicle today.

Cash for Cars with Electrical Problems

cash for scrap cars vancouver

There are so many issues that can arise in a vehicle simply from having a small electrical problem. Loose or damaged wires, misaligned connections, poor or faulty power supply, and a whole host other things can all wreak havoc on a perfectly good car. When this happens, scrap your car by selling your car to Cash For Cars BC.

When you start experiencing a build up of problems on an older vehicle, fixing it isn’t always the best decision. You have to consider what the vehicle is worth and what the cost to repair it is. If the cost outweighs the value, it’s time to get a newer vehicle.

But before selling your car on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and before trying to trade in a car with problems to the local dealership, talk to Cash For Cars BC. We pay the MOST cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles, regardless of their age or condition.

Contact Our Scrap Car Buying Team Today

We love to discuss anything and everything related to used vehicle buying in Vancouver. Even if it’s about scrap cars! We welcome any calls, texts, or emails you might have about questions relating to the selling of your vehicle.

We provide our scrap car removal services 7 days a week, day and evening. From 8:00 AM-10:00 PM, you can access our scrap car removal services anywhere in Vancouver. We even work most statutory holidays too! In a busy world, that makes reaching out to us that much easier for our customers.

Plus, we offer a very flexible schedule for all of our scrap car removals. If you have any questions about scrap vehicles, or simply want one gone, we would love to hear from you. You can call or text our scrap car buyers 24/7 with any questions or concerns.

scrap my car

Call us or text us at (778) 838-5152. You can also send us an email, or us our contact form located on our website.

Recent Scrap Car Removals in Vancouver

We buy a large amount of vehicles throughout the Metro Vancouver area, and that includes scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Here are some of our most recent scrap car removals in Vancouver, BC

  • 2015 Ford Focus – East Vancouver V5L 2C3
  • 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier – Hastings-Sunrise V5l 1H2
  • 2010 Ford Escape – Marpole V5M 3Y5
  • 2012 Hyundai Accent – Kerrisdale V5L 4H3
  • 2010 Dodge Dart – Kitsilano V6P 2G1

Recent Cash For Cars BC Vancouver Scrap Car Removal Reviews

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading used car buying service in Metro Vancouver. However, we also have a name for paying the MOST cash for scrap cars as well, while still delivering top tier customer service in each and every transaction. Here are some of our most recent reviews from customers just like you who sold us their scrap vehicles in Vancouver.

“Had an old Ford Escape just collecting algae in my driveway. Called this place and they came and got my vehicle the same day and the driver paid me in cash for it. Very professional and reliable service. Thanks again for the help.” Chad B.

“My car died on Robson in rush hour (the worst place possible). I knew it was the engine because my shop guy told me I needed to replace it. I called cash for cars bc and they picked up my car in less than 40 minutes and etransfered me the money for it. Thank you for helping me lay my car to rest!” – Natasha G.

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